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Customizing Plagiarism Search with Unicheck API

Making the most of Unicheck’s functionality is feasible.
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Powerful Features to Ensure Maximum Comfort

Plentiful Integration Options
A single user interface, automated plagiarism checks, and adjusted functionality. These are just three out of many gains you get with Unicheck’s API. Let alone custom integration possibilities.
Adapting to Your Workflow
Unicheck fits your workflow making it smooth and disturbance-free. You can choose to display similarity search results right in your system interface or make any other necessary changes.
Processing Large Data Volumes
No matter how big your data, Unicheck can handle it. It proved to deliver precise check results regardless the number of documents to be processed. Running bulk searches is our strong suit.
Products Based on Our Technology
Creating your own products based on our similarity search technology is possible too. Improve your company workflow, existing services, or gain competitive advantage for your products.

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