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Upgrading the Way You Verify Student Authorship

Verifying authorship can now be less tiresome and complicated. The AI-powered assistant, Emma, flags every paper that differs from the regular writing style of a student, allowing you to always know who needs your assistance.

See Emma’s Beta in Action

Discover Every Inconsistent Writing

What Stands Behind Emma’s Capabilities

Emma. Receive Reliable Insights At Any Time

  • Requires 3,000 words per student to learn on
  • Uses authentic papers to study the writing styles
  • Receives new submissions from students
  • Analyzes the stylistic and linguistic components
  • Displays authorship assessment inside the Similarity Report
  • Built into Unicheck, needs no additional setup

Benefits for the Entire School or University

A Sneak Peek into Future Improvements

Have a Clearer Idea of How Emma Integrates and Works

Who can apply for Emma’s beta test?

To see Emma in action, your academic institution can be using any LMS with LTI integrations or Canvas LMS with its Plagiarism Framework enabled. At least one active course with 7+ students enrolled is required. For those of you who aren’t utilizing compatible LMSs, we can provide access to a test environment with Emma being already part of it. Please email our Support Team at integrations@unicheck.com to receive more details.

Does Emma work with the Canvas Plagiarism Framework ?

She sure does. Every Canvas LMS user(schools and universities) can use Emma with Unicheck not only with an LTI type of integration, but also within the Canvas native workflow.They get access to both Unicheck and Emma, since Emma is embedded into Unicheck’s report.

Can we try out Emma for free ?

Definitely.You can apply for a free two - month Emma beta testing.What is more, you will be granted access to Unicheck on equal terms, since Emma is part of Unicheck’s report.

Does Emma support any languages other than English?

For now, Emma is fluent in English only.But Spanish will most likely to be the next.

Can Emma be used separately from Unicheck ?

They are destined to be together to provide you with an all -in -one solution that can prevent plagiarism and contract cheating attempts.

What can Emma actually do?

Having learnt enough, Emma can share her conclusion on whether the student is the author of the submission.However, Emma does not say who exactly is the true author of the paper.She aims to verify authorship, not to identify it.

Discover How Unicheck’s Solution Works for You

Feel like Emma may be a good fit for your institution? Join the closed beta testing and receive exciting swag for yourself and a two-month Unicheck free trial for your institution.