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The Image of a Great Teacher: the Best Teacher’s Qualities

The Image of a Great Teacher: the Best Teacher’s Qualities

How does a good teacher look like? What qualities does he/she have? There is a big list of qualities, skills, and knowledge every teacher should have. Besides, every student may have their own image of a great teacher. So many men, so many minds.

Some quizzes revealed the most important teacher’s skills and qualities. Students who study every day, have their own image of a perfect leader they would like to follow and learn from.

Students have a lot of different opinions about things that make a teacher great. There is a book written by Kelly E. Middleton and Elizabeth Petitt who are school administrators. They revealed some important teacher qualities in their book, “Simply the Best: 29 Things Students Say the Best Teachers Do”. So, there are four main factors that influence students achievements while studying at school. Here they are:

  • There is a strong correlation between good teacher-student relations and students’ success at school. Actually, the better the relations are, the better achievements students may have. In fact, students will study harder when they like and respect their teacher.
  • Teacher shouldn’t think or act as if he or she is perfect. It’s better to make a mistake and correct it then never make it. If a teacher is afraid of it, he may do or say not everything he or she wanted to. Hence, students cannot learn how to deal with academic risks and correct their mistakes.
  • Students don’t like when teachers say that they don’t have time to visit students’ homes or attend their sport competitions. If a teacher doesn’t want any problems with students behavior, they should pay more attention to students and spend more time with them.

Of course, the main quality teachers should have is to be in good relations with students. Besides, every teacher should have an individual approach to every student and appraise their progress in studying.

Every Great Teacher Cares for Their Students

In general, there are 12 factors every good teacher should keep in mind and follow. They are: to get to know students personalities, work at academic achievements, know all the students’ names and call them by names, know and understand students’ interests and aspirations. The students also appreciate when teachers suggest some useful books and free software like free plagiarism checker. By following those simple steps, a teacher earns students’ respect and pushes them to study hard and get “A”s. Students become more interested in what they learn if a teacher is interested in their success even more than they are.

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