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Unicheck addon for gdocs

Unicheck Add-on for Google Docs: The New Level

New year brough new decisions to educational environment. Learners have already started with new material, and educators keep on searching for fresh solutions to increase academic performance of their students.

Unicheck team was also in search of new ideas to present to academic society.

According to feedbacks and suggestions of Unicheck’s users, students and writers would be glad to have a tool, allowing to check papers on the go. Switching from working space to checker’s account and back doesn’t seem convenient, especially when edits are needed and time is running out.

That’s why Unicheck came up with an idea to create checking on-the-spot tool, and successfully released a similarity search Add-on for Google Documents.

Why Google Docs?

Unicheck supports all possible text formats and can be integrated with almost any learning management system used for education. It can work with various educational and writing platforms, providing with an accurate result anytime.

So, why Unicheck team decided to create the Add-on for Google Documents in particular?

No secret here, since the popularity of Google working tools is huge, and Google Documents is widely used as a platform for writing. It has all tools necessary for creating a stunning text. All, except one – a built-in similarity detector.

Besides, Unicheck gained positive experience integrating with Google Classroom LMS, extensively used in educational establishments in US and worldwide.

Peculiarities of Unicheck Add-on

New Add-on for Google Docs is able to check papers for similarities directly while creating, performing deep similarity search and providing with a comprehensive check report.

No need to switch between accounts and tools, and open multiple windows, decelerating the performance of a personal computer.

All check reports can be accessed in the personal dashboard and can be browsed anytime through Add-on or personal account.

Just install the Add-on to Google Documents and get ready to use similarity scanner, with a bunch of features inherent to the regular version of Unicheck plagiarism detector, but occupying much less space in a browser.

The inception

To get started with the Add-on find it in Google Docs store. Add it to your Docs, and launch next time you’re going to check a paper.

The Add-on is directly connected to Unicheck standalone, so authorization is a mandatory step to incept scanning. Use already existing Unicheck account, or sign up for a new one and instantly get 5 free pages as a new user.

Start checking a document for similarities, and get a fast and comprehensive result, generated in seconds.

Unicheck addon report

Power in a box

The small pop-up, which appears after Add-on is launched, provides with the most detailed information on found similarities.

The first thing to pay attention to is a similarity score. It may be low or high depending on the number of matches and property of marking the citations.

Matched parts of the text can be easily found in a full check report, where all paper segments are clickable and interactive. Pick any highlighted sentence and immediately get particular similarity sources out of a full list. And the other way, click a source and see matched text.

Sources may be excluded or tracked following direct links to them. Open an original source and see the copied text.

Managing citations and references is another great option to help with writing. Unicheck Add-on supports various citation formats, such as MLA, APA, Turabian, Harvard, etc., so no citation will be lost.

Citations can be excluded and included in the text, and references can easily be found due to violet highlight.

Unicheck addon citation

Even more features

To facilitate a connection with the main account, Unicheck supplied the Add-on with few more helpful options.

Users may browse the history of a file having all previous results directly in the pop-up. They can choose any of the check report and browse it in GDocs. If more detailed are needed, they are welcome to use “Go to library” option and promptly switch to Unicheck standalone account.

Balance can also be topped up via Add-on using the button that reads Buy more pages. A user would be redirected to the main account to process the payment in a regular way.

Unicheck addon library

Back to Unicheck

Unicheck similarity detector helps thousands of students to write clear, similarity-free content for their studies and prepare the assignments for a final check.

Integrations with popular LMSs are already available for educators and students to ease the process of studying, and their functionality is improving and expanding daily. Even more helpful updates are coming soon, so stay tuned and find us in Google Docs.

plagiarism checker application

Edsby and Unicheck Commit to the Future of Original Writing

Unicheck has gained a new Edtech partner: well-known K-12 LMS platform Edsby. This new partnership opens new opportunities and offers tailor-made solutions for teachers and students, and takes edtech a step further towards the future.

The essence of the new LTI integration between Edsby and Unicheck could be truly described in three words, – “Collaboration, safety, and feedback”.

This integration will enrich teachers’ experience with wider opportunities for keeping students’ assignments original with pre-checks, draft submissions and resubmissions. As well, the teachers will be able to leave the comments for the students right in the reports facilitating the timely feedback on their work.

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unicheck moodle plugin

Unicheck Launched New Plugin for Moodle: What’s In?

The creators of Unicheck plagiarism detection software have announced their new plugin arrival that surpasses the previous version in terms of customization and functionality.

In this case, the new plugin will feature the commenting mode for the better collaboration between student and teacher, tooltips for the better system understanding, deeper scanning and individual tuning to the class workflow.

The old plugin featured under the former company’s name Unplag will still be available for the users who haven’t yet shifted to the new Unicheck plugin. The new plugin will be furtherly updated and enriched with new features that will help to keep it constantly improved.

Right now the new version is complete and ready to be downloaded and installed from the Moodle plugin directory.

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Edtech Opinions by Unicheck

The Changing Landscape of Education: Tools You Didn’t Know You Should Be Using

What does a typical day for a student look like? Breakfast, pack your books and notebooks, go to school, take notes in classes, maybe get scolded for bad handwriting, turn in a paper at the end of class, wash the chalk or marker off your hands, read a book or chat with friends during the break, perhaps talk to someone on the bus on the way home, or take a shortcut through the park, or be angry at parents because they’re late to pick you up; come home, do the homework, mess up a notebook with a leaking pen, watch some TV or read a book. Sounds about right?

No, most likely, not.

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Unicheck and Universities in Spain

Autumn Collaboration Splendor: Unicheck Allies 4 More Universities in Spain

This fall Unicheck has entered 4 new collaborations with Spanish universities. Connecting the new universities to the system means that teachers will be reviewing the assignments faster and deeper while more than 133.000 students will be able to check their writing for plagiarism issues staying confident about the quality of their writing.    

Unicheck already protects scholarly publications from plagiarism in 6 Spanish universities that joined in last year. This time last year, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid adopted the Moodle integration that helped them to reach all features of Unicheck straight from the system, streamlining and accelerating the work.Read More

Unicheck Black Friday Deal

Black Friday from Unicheck: Double Your Purchase

Black Friday deals are extraordinary.

Not just because they are crazy cheap, or because if not cautious you may end up buying things you will never ever use, wear, or look at again, except to throw them away.

Black Friday is special because it is a major force that does a great job uniting the world and bringing people together.

Unicheck is not so different in that respect.

This Black Friday, don’t forget to pop into your account because we are making you a proper offer. What to know what it is? Read on.Read More

Thanksgiving surprise

A Little Surprise This Thanksgiving

One late autumn night closer to Thanksgiving, as Unicheck team was sitting in the dimly lit room in the office, we started talking, as usual, about you.

Don’t freak out or anything, because that’s not weird. That’s our job: we come to the office every day, and we think and we talk and we try to find a solution to the same question each day: how can we make things easier for our customers? That’s how all new things get to see the light of day, from new dashboard to the new pricing, from new blog topics to the new quiz themes.

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