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Educational Technology Summit 2017

Unicheck Made A Journey to Magic: Educational Technology Summit 2017

Unicheck had a great pleasure to participate in Educational Technology Summit on March 4th, 2017. This time it was held in a sunny Turkey and organized by the Managing and Advisory Board. This Summit is aimed at bringing educators, managers, and other educational representatives together to share new, innovative ideas about technological trends in education. Read More

Lessons We Can Take from Oscar Speech

The 89th Academy Awards Oscar has recently taken place in Los Angeles, California. A great number of nominees were excited to be present in the Dolby Theatre, and only some of them honored to give a speech in front of the privileged, talented people gathered in one place for a beautiful evening. The speech that every winner gives is unique and influential due to the techniques that are persuasive. Here are the main highlights of Oscar speeches that everyone may learn from. Read More

How to Earn While Studying: Best Investment Ideas for Students

Studying at the university is complicated as it presupposes its budgeting, and that is spectacular when you come from the affluent family, and you may dedicate all your time to study, or not, and blow all your parents’ money on partying. A reverse side of the coin is when you are striving for knowledge with no plan B, and budgeting is all in your hands. While being in your shoes, let us pitch you some brilliant ideas on activities to make money on.Read More

Go with Unicheck: Spread a Word - Get Reward

Go with Unicheck: Spread a Word – Get Reward

There’s hardly ever a dream that can be more meaningful than making education better. Perfection is nothing, but there is always a way to improve imperfections. Well, we, at Unicheck, know how to deal with such a daunting thing as academic plagiarism. And we believe that we have found a solution. It will be great to share it with you! Because you as an educator are the major driving force behind educational development. You are the leading squad, the motive, and the inspiration! To reward your efforts, we are ready to give you a 3-month account* to check papers with Unicheck for free. It doesn’t seem possible, but it is. Read More