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Elite Universities. Are They Really Worth Entering?

Does the university ranking really matter? No doubt a successful career is associated with a smart person who has a great educational background. Prestigious universities developed good reputation over the years, and Ivy League graduates have a prosperous career path.

For the past years the questions about worth of education arose. Parents want to get more substantial reasons before they invest in their child’s future. Some surveys show interrelation of college title in a resume and starting salary of a candidate. However, is going to a top-tier university really for you? We at Unicheck would like to weigh all pros and cons. 

Choosing Your Speciality

It depends a lot on your field of study. If you are going to study economy, law or medicine, then you may consider prestigious universities. However, the other fields, like education or psychology do not rationalize efforts spent on classy education. Prestigious colleges are able to hire great professional educators. Thus, they will share with you exclusive knowledge and experience. Moreover, you will get priceless pieces of advice from the teachers – experts while learning your major.

Paying Off Your Debt

Unless your parents have enough money to pay for your education, apply to other universities. Studying at elite colleges is costly. So, why to lure yourself into debt and make enormous efforts? You may just apply to colleges the tuition fee of which does not shock you. Moreover, your career does not depend on the high-ranked university degree, but more on your true passion. It will give you more energy and inspiration to develop and finally succeed.

Meaningful Contacts

Some students choose top universities just because of the useful contacts they may acquire. No doubt, networking plays a great role in building a career, however you should consider one facet. The majority of students in prestigious colleges are smart and emotionally intelligent. Thus, you should be the same, otherwise you will not feel comfortable.

Sufficient Preparation

Top universities graduates are successful as the rate of students’ admission is low. Only very smart students with profound logical, analytical, entrepreneurial skills will study at such universities. This can be illustrated by such examples of outstanding people who left universities and started their own business: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of top universities. You may follow their examples if you are a genius and have your own promising project.

Summing It Up

Going to an elite college is the utmostly important decision. You should consider many factors such as tuition fee, your score in high school, and ability to keep up with high standards all the time. You may talk to your parents or read very informative articles on the topic like this one. However, try to objectively correlate your intelligence aspiration and financial state. Think over your main field of study, consider other universities, and apply. Think over peers you feel comfortable with. If prim and smart alumni make you feel like a fish out of water, cogitate over other options.  

Unicheck Team

Unicheck Team

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