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Go with Unicheck: Spread a Word - Get Reward

Go with Unicheck: Spread a Word – Get Reward

There’s hardly ever a dream that can be more meaningful than making education better. Perfection is nothing, but there is always a way to improve imperfections. Well, we, at Unicheck, know how to deal with such a daunting thing as academic plagiarism. And we believe that we have found a solution. It will be great to share it with you! Because you as an educator are the major driving force behind educational development. You are the leading squad, the motive, and the inspiration! To reward your efforts, we are ready to give you a 3-month account* to check papers with Unicheck for free. It doesn’t seem possible, but it is.

Just follow the steps below:

1. Dwell on the idea why it’s good to use a plagiarism checker and note down your first sentence:

For instance: It’s good to use a plagiarism checker, because it skyrockets the originality.

2. Add another sentence (like the one below) with a link to, but make it sound different:

I’m participating in the campaign “Go with Unicheck” launched to foster education quality and will use the Unicheck plagiarism checker during the next 3 months for free.*

* Please, reword the sentence, but keep the name of the campaign and its goal.

3. Post your answer on your blog in the form of:

  • a blog-post
  • a note in the sidebar
  • or an intro to your superb article

4. Get a reward from Unicheck:

Once the terms are fulfilled, contact Victoria at to get the most of the Unicheck plagiarism checker.

Suggestions, questions, and ideas are always welcomed!

Let’s bring nice changes into education. Together like never before.


*A 3-month account lets you check 600 pages for free

Unicheck Team

Unicheck Team

Let's turn content uniqueness into a trend!