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How To Check for Plagiarism

How To Check for Plagiarism: Tips and Strategies for Teachers

Teaching is tough. Every day you are obliged to fulfill a pretty huge range of tasks and you give all your energy to being a good teacher. Are you sure your efforts are justified?

You try hard and expect your students to do the same, but unfortunately, you might get different results from what you dreamed.

One of teacher’s functions is homework assignments checking. Too often teachers find out that their students little except plagiarize. It’s a real disappointment. It’s easy for every teacher to understand if work is plagiarized because of the following symptoms by relying on the following indications. How to detect plagiarism:

  • Register expression is changed (if a student sounds more sophisticated than usually and if register all of a sudden shifts).
  • Old data (out-of-date statements, dates, figures, etc.).
  • Wrong methods of citing (e.g. instead of following APA style, students use a completely different one).
  • No references at all.
  • Wrong personality (a student writes about experiences he or she never had, e.g. one student was accused of plagiarism when he used the following, “In my many years as a physician…”).
  • Material used in work doesn’t correspond to the subject of assignment.

Plagiarism checker help

If you didn’t find any hints of plagiarism but still suspect a student of dishonesty and if you don’t have time to manually search for coincidences on the Internet, the best solution for you is to use a plagiarism essay checker.

Talking about software, educators have certain needs concerning detection engines they use. For instance, teachers have a lot of things to do even when the classes are over. It’s extremely important for them to spend as little time as possible checking student homework assignments and finding plagiarism at the same time. It’s not the only one advantage of best free plagiarism checker usage.

When a teacher has little time or inclination to manually highlight plagiarized areas, an adequate checker should be able to do it. It’s a must for the best plagiarism checker for teachers to perform a precise search for similarities. The software should be safe so that educators don’t need to worry that checked materials will appear elsewhere on the web.

And last, but not least: simplicity of usage matters a lot as well. It needs to be user-friendly. No one wants to waste time and read complicated instructions or worse yet, install anything on one’s computer. It’s so much better to be able to check online, immediately without extra efforts.

Anti-plagiarism strategies

As a professor or teacher, you have to initiate measures and set your rules. For that, you can even develop your own anti-plagiarism strategies. You might make use of the following:

  1. Discover students’ motives.
    Your students may lack the time or be too lazy to think independently. Students might not be interested in a particular assignment or subject in general. They might not know anything about plagiarism or they might think plagiarism is okay. Considering each of these variants will guide you in deciding how to help your students confront plagiarism.
  2. Learn more about plagiarism.
    You could tell them about notorious plagiarism cases, consequences of plagiarism, self-plagiarism and other details.
    Be ready to discuss the issue with your students, encouraging them to exchange ideas on how to write better without resorting the mere copying and pasting.
  3. Suggest patterns for citing.
    Tell your students how they should properly use quoting and citing and how to organize the list of references. Explain why it’s important to give credits to original authors and sources.
  4. Apply strict rules.
    Inform your students about the consequences plagiarism leads to. Once you set definite rules and everyone knows what to do and what to expect, life becomes much easier both for you as an educator and your students.

Hopefully, this has helped make teaching more enjoyable for you, making it easier to manage plagiarism.

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