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How to Check Plagiarism Online

How to Check Plagiarism Online: Tips You Can Use Daily

Since plagiarism is a rather complicated issue to solve and requires protective measures to take, you will need to develop a kind of strategy to prevent it. This way you ensure that your academic reputation isn’t hurt. Obviously, you should know how to check plagiarism online. Of course, you can find numerous posts where experts suggest making use of their advice. We, in our turn, are happy to provide you with some examples and tips on how to use the Unicheck software more effectively.

Get ready to learn what to do. You have a chance to use all the functions provided below.

  • Suppose your teacher asked you to write an essay. Your classmate has already written it and you asked him/her to take a look at it. You don’t have any intentions to copy the work, but some phrases were quite good and they just stuck in your head. Neither you, nor your friend wants to have troubles, so it’s a nice idea to scan essays with a plagiarism checker. Unicheck allows uploading a few files and comparing them against each other (the “Docs vs Docs” type of check). This way you can avoid eventual duplications.
  • Create your own database in the Unicheck account by uploading scientific articles, academic papers, manuals, expert reviews and other documents you may use as sources of information. The “Docs vs Docs” check can also come in handy here, since you can check a file/set of files against other uploaded documents.
  • There’s one more way to check your work for originality – it’s “Doc vs Internet”. For example, all the sources you used to compose an essay are available online. So, why not make sure your writing is 100% unique and run a fast check across the Internet? Besides, you can omit sources with minor percentage of text matches and adjust check sensitivity in your System Settings, so that Unicheck skips too small duplications (four-word long). Once you quoted original sources, omit references and citations from the search results and check your work repeatedly to see what else was left out.

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Unicheck Team

Unicheck Team

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