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Olympic Games in Rio 2016 Learn Where the US Athletes Studied

Olympic Games in Rio 2016: Learn Where the U.S. Athletes Studied!

The summer Olympic Games in Rio have just finished. Not everybody is their great fan, but we all definitely know what it is all about. It has really one of the greatest events held in the last four years with more than 200 countries participating in it.

Olympic games were created back in 1896. To pay tribute to the country they came from, the first modern Olympics were held in Greece. The initiators took the idea from the Ancient Greece times when Olympics were a national competition with only men participating in it.

In most of the today’s sports only professional athletes are involved, though sometimes Olympics welcome amateurs too.

To become a professional athlete in the U.S., one usually joins a student league. But what about educational institutions sportsmen choose to attend? American universities educated thousands of athletes who reached the highest results in sports and other professional areas.

Once the university which had the biggest number of alumni who got olympic medals was the University of South California, Berkley. There were 135 gold, 88 silver and 65 bronze medals. The second place belonged to Stanford University with a total amount of 280 medals.

So, what about the 2016 U.S. olympic team choice? Did they also graduate from the University of South California or Stanford? We were curious to find the answer and analyzed more than 500 profiles of the olympic team members! Below are our finding! You will be definitely surprised!

Education of the USA Olympic Team in Rio 2016

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