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A List of the Best Helpful Free Tools for Teachers

A List of the Most Helpful Free Tools for Teachers

Educator’s work is quite hard and nervous. On top of this, all educators should keep up with the times by being tech-savvy and monitor new efficient tools that can make classes more engaging and useful. This also allows them to stay progressive and effective in their work.

Today, every teacher or professor can create a group project or seminar in a few minutes without even leaving home. With a great number of online tools available, learning becomes better, faster and more student-centered. If needed, it’s possible to show students how to check their papers with an academic plagiarism checker or create a class website to share acquired knowledge and practical experience.

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Unicheck at Instructurecon 2016: the Most Curious Facts and Our Impressions

Unicheck at Instructurecon 2016: the Most Curious Facts and Our Impressions

Known for its 3,000-mile long Colorado Rockies and the world’s largest Rodeo show, this year Colorado has turned into an even more popular place thanks to numerous Canvas fans who came here to take part in InstructureCon 2016. No wonder that their overall amount was so big, since Canvas LMS is now being used by more than 2,000 academic institutions from all over the world.

Held throughout July 18-21, the event took place in Keystone, a town being a perfect fit for skiers, hikers and summer visitors. Inspired by the attractive look of the surroundings, the Canvas team chose a summer edcamp format for the 2016 conference.

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TOP-12 amazing facts about education in different countries

TOP-12 Amazing Facts About Education in Different Countries

There are so many countries in the World, that different nations created their own traditions and cultures, which vary widely. The same we can say about education. Some of the amazing facts in the educational system of different countries are quite logical and seem to be absolutely natural. But there are some other facts that are so unbelievable that we start to look for the roots of their origin! Every country has its own system of traditions, habits, and mentality. Being familiar with those traditions will help us to find out what factors caused them.

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Plagiarism Busters Contest_blog

$150* Unicheck Plagiarism Busters Contest

 ‘Booo!’ – and your heart missed a beat. ‘Shhh!’ – the cold sweat starts out on your forehead. You walk faster along the school corridor and look around in panic: books and papers scattered about in the wildest way, and bubbling green slime are dripping from the ceiling. Ugh! They are already here, so what you are going to do?

On the threshold of the Ghostbusters reboot, the most expectable recreation of legendary movie released in 1984, Unicheck online plagiarism checker has launched a $150* contest for students worldwide! Our overriding goal is to motivate you to use your original writing skills and make your fantasy sparkle with new colours! So come on, you have nothing to hide, just let your imagination run free and enjoy the process!

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Unicheck integrates with Schoology

Now The Schoology Users Can Also Make the Most of Unicheck

The time to announce another LMS integration has come! Now Unicheck has become available for 12 million of the Schoology users. Thus, instructors will be able to strengthen academic success of  students by giving advice on how each submitted paper can be improved after being checked for similarities.

Let’s move on to some specific possibilities the Schoology LMS users get by using the Unicheck App.

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What is emotional learning: How it may help in students

What is emotional and social learning: How it may help students

Probably, not so many people know what emotional and social learning (SEL) is. SEL helps students improve their skills and gain a better understanding, enhance their capacity to control emotions and keep an optimistic vision of life. SEL is based on the theory that the most effective learning emerges with a support of special relationships that make learning more efficient, challenging and engaging.

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