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Unicheck Blog on Plagiarism
Similarities Detection Delivered to Ukrainian Education

Unicheck Signed Memorandum with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Unicheck joins government-level initiatives by signing Memorandum with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The document signed on April 4, 2018 is meant to provide Ukrainian universities with the powerful similarities detection software to verify the originality of academic papers and foster academic integrity principles in Ukrainian academic community.

The Memorandum reached with Ukrainian government establishes long-term cooperation and Unicheck is excited to commit to the countrywide educational changes. On our side, we strongly believe that technologies impact the way people work long after innovative tools enter educational environment. Read More

Brightspace and D2L partner with Unicheck

Unicheck Partners with D2L: Equipping Brightspace with Plagiarism Checker that Works

Each educational environment is different. Be it due to a type of institution, variety of faculties, number of students enrolled, or a long list of additional criteria, it all makes up a unique system.

Educators working in Brightspace and managing their activities on a daily basis are creating a unique system, too. They require clear and intuitive layout, easy onboarding and high operational speed of all the tools they use. In a sensitive field of assessments’ evaluation, these requirements gain double priority, as taking a final decision should be based on accurate and meaningful results, especially when we are talking about preventing potential plagiarism in student papers.

Below is the account of how a similarities detection software fits effectively into a highly dynamic learning environment and how D2L, Brightspace and educational community have gained a trusted partner in Unicheck

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Document similarity checker

A Better Place to Write In: Unicheck GDocs Add-On Evolutionized

It didn’t take too much time for the new fresh update to arrive so we are thrilled to introduce you to the upgraded document similarity checker for Google Docs.

The latest improvement has literally turned the add-on into the most robust writing and editing solution for GDocs. Striving to ensure that add-on always works seamlessly, we went through series of renovations, transformations, and developmental stages.

This time, we channeled our persistent efforts towards the release of such fundamental convenience feature as color mask that highlights the similarities, citations and references right in the document. Read More

Unicheck becomes GDPR Compliant

A New Era of Personal Data Protection – Unicheck GDPR Commitment

Have you ever wondered how many online registrations forms have you filled over the years of using Internet? One way or another, the majority of trusted resources or software have its own guidelines on personal data protection. As most of the services, here at Unicheck we ask for your name, your email to sign you up as user and keep you on our records.

Yet there are websites that steadily require such details as your interests, marital status, etc. going as far as your political preferences. All this data draws up your personal digital footprint you regularly contribute to by using search engines, social media, filling registration forms and making transactions over the Internet.

Cloud technologies advancement compromise personal data protection made it easier to massively exchange private data which led to the cases of the misuse of personal information. The new set of data protection laws GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that took over 4 years to be thoroughly developed is intended to reconsider what constitutes private data in the digital environment.

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Unicheck Becomes Populi LMS Plagiarism Checker

Unicheck Partners with Populi LMS to Support Academic Writing

As March rolled in, Unicheck team was blessed with yet another great partnership. A cloud-based Populi LMS has connected to Unicheck, integrative plagiarism checker software designed for K-12 and Higher Ed institutions.

Populi LMS is a perfect tool for managing educational workflow cycle, spanning assignment collection, revision, and grading in smaller and medium-sized institutions.

Like any highly approved Learning Management System, Populi is committed to the high standards of academic integrity, advocating for ethical writing and following best revision practices. Connecting Unicheck as LMS plagiarism checker to the system has become the next logical step for the LMS.

Read on to find out just how Unicheck makes checking assignments in Populi easier and how your school can benefit from it.Read More

Group of People Connection Digital Device Concept

Another awesome feature for Unicheck & Canvas Native Integration – Course Copy

It’s finally here – new helpful functionality for Unicheck & Canvas Native Integration. Creating new courses becomes an effortless two-clicks routine instead of a boring continued generation of similar course structures.

Canvas Copy Course feature is all about creating a brand new course by copying from the existing similar one. As simple as that. We at Unicheck are positive that it will significantly help teachers and everyone in charge of courses creation. Now you can finally spare more time for important and creative tasks.

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unicheck alternative to turnitin

Can Unicheck Be a New Alternative to Turnitin?

A recent survey conducted by the Josephson Institute Center for Youth Ethics, reports that half of the learners are cheating regularly, while others are not aware they plagiarize at all.

Dealing with cheating from the disciplinary perspective is a practice that in many educational institutions has been supported by plagiarism detection software, ever since they first appeared.

The algorithm of such software allowed searching for the matching textual pieces of information, comparing the material to the web resources, open access libraries or private repositories.

While educational communities across the world laid the high hopes on such software like Turnitin, it appeared that many schools and districts couldn’t afford it, the others started to look for more agile checker that would offer the quicker and smarter service.  

Can such technology as Unicheck become a robust alternative to Turnitin? Let’s have a look if teachers can trust Unicheck and if migration to it is worthwhile trying?

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Unicheck Partners with iThink Education

Revamping conventional assessment process: Unicheck Announces Partnership with eThink Education

Unicheck steps up to another level with gaining a new powerful partner, eThink Education, fully-managed eLearning model for open-source Moodle and Totara LMS. Known for its deep expertise in the implementation of  LMS software, cloud hosting, integration, consultation, and management services for K-12, higher ed and governmental sector, this new association is highly valuable for us in terms of collaboration in the LMS software environment.Read More