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Paraphrasing Software to Avoid Plagiarism Turns to Be of Great Help

Paraphrasing Software to Avoid Plagiarism Turns to Be of Great Help

College and university students need to write a huge number of essays and academic papers. Writing original materials takes lots of time and effort. What’s more, students are supposed to have good writing skills to accomplish assignments well. But sometimes it’s difficult for students to put their ideas in order while working on new essays, term papers or other academic writing tasks.

Plagiarism problem is rather serious, and one of the best ways to avoid academic dishonesty is to paraphrase. Though it doesn’t mean that you can simply rephrase a sentence and give no credit to the author, referencing is still a must. The paraphrasing software to avoid plagiarism can simplify the process of restating someone’s ideas. As a rule, it is extremely easy to use, which makes the tool even more popular. Here’s a list of some of them:

EZ Rewriter was initially created for rewriting web content, however now students use it for academic purposes too. It’s user-friendly with a minimalistic interface – you just need to insert a text into the box and click the “Rewrite Article” button.

Ant Spinner is also developed for rewriting web content. Nevertheless, it’s absolutely suitable for academic works.

Paraphrasing Tool allows you to reword full articles and essays as well as small pieces of text. Paraphrased work will be shown immediately in the “Text After” field.

Article Rewriter Tool can also paraphrase texts of different size. Students have a chance to reword short phrases, essays, academic works and so on. It restates sentences rather quickly and is easy to use.

WordFlood differs from other programs mentioned above, since students can make use of its desktop version. This application has a unique “point and click” interface, which replaces words in the text. In order to understand how everything works, website visitors can watch a demonstration video.

Of course, after paraphrasing is completed, you need to carefully check every restated sentence. Paraphrasing software may compose sentences in a clumsy way, so in order to avoid these fails, it’s necessary to look through the work making edits and referencing original sources before handing it in to the educator.

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Unicheck Team

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