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Plag Check Shows Too High Similarity Rate: What to Do Next?

Plag Check Shows Too High Similarity Rate: What to Do Next?

After you run a plag check and get a high similarity score, you may be puzzled by the question: how can I make it lower? Well, there are a few ways to help you successfully cope with this issue.

Previously, we mentioned paraphrasing and quoting as the most effective techniques to eliminate plagiarism. Also, we revealed the secrets of citing different types of sources – online press and web documents as well as websites, social media and multimedia. And now we’d like to provide you with a number of specific recommendations on what to do if you want to decrease a high similarity percentage.

  • You can rewrite your work using two approaches – by changing sentence structure or finding appropriate synonyms. The first one presupposes putting ideas in different order, dividing sentences into two or more, adding pros and cons, enlarging your essay introduction and/or conclusion, making sentences more complex by using subordinate clauses, etc. The second approach implies substituting phrases in the sentence by their synonyms in addition to changing a word order.
  • Make an outline of what you’d like to mention in your essay and try to restate your ideas without looking into the original essay, so that you can’t copy it by chance.
  • If you find it difficult to reword your ideas, why not use some online tools? For example, Synonym and Synonymy let you choose an appropriate equivalent for the word you want to replace. Hemingway Editor makes it possible to simplify your complex writing. It highlights the sentences that are too complex, errors, phrases in passive voice and excessive adverbs. Additionally, there is a number of paraphrasing tools like Article Rewriter Tool or

Hopefully, these brief guidelines on rewriting your paper will help you significantly reduce text matches and hone your academic writing skills.  If you feel like learning more information on how to be good in writing papers, you are welcome to check this article.