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Plagiarism Checker Used by Universities

Plagiarism Checker Used by Universities

Why did we decide to write an article about plagiarism checker used by Universities? Because it is still an acute problem, and it will always remain so. Remember the wisdom of Dumbledore? it says – “The right way is not always the easy way”, and it is the perfect tip for the students who plagiarize trying to improve their way of writing. In fact, high school students often face the problem with academic integrity violation. According to the statistics, more than half of students plagiarize during the academic year.

What common difficulties universities face

Not every university or college has a free access to the academic plagiarism detection or plagiarism detection service that would be able to scan academic writing successfully.

Moreover, plagiarism software used by universities is not always capable to find plagiarism in writing assignments that students submit due to the number of reasons.


The common problem is only worsening by the free plagiarism checkers that in many instances feature low similarity score due to the limited capacity of such tools.


Low capacity for the problem spotting and the absence of the comprehensive report are among other reasons for tools’ low performance. Using the report, the educator can familiarize the students with plagiarism issues and have the real evidence of scanning that would allow gathering the statistics about the scale of cheating in the class.


What makes a good plagiarism checker for universities

Good plagiarism checker used by universities produces a plagiarism report that includes the scanning results both from websites and open access databases.


Plagiarism detection tools like these are comparing the paper against the web index, scholarly journals, digital books and other student submissions at once. For schools, it is important to have a checker for students as unintentional plagiarism can harm the assignment quality too.


Anti-plagiarism software should not distort the correct style and grammar of the assignment and make sure the appropriate format is kept intact.


Plagiarism detection system can be used in combination with preventive measures:

  • Break the assignment completion into several parts, track the progress of stages and check the assignment completion on each stage.
  • Enable the students to use plagiarism checker to prevent plagiarism before submission.
  • Help students in learning the assignment and discussing each stage of the writing progress orally.
  • Assist in plagiarism prevention by teaching how to cite, outline, reference the bibliography, paraphrase, and quote.


Students work hard to avoid plagiarism but sometimes they may work even harder in order to cheat the detection software. A good checker will make the work of the educator less painstaking. Also, with access to the tool, students can avoid stressful experience, check their work and fix it instead of getting accused of plagiarizing later.

Unicheck Team

Unicheck Team

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