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Christmas crosstalks

Preparing a Celebration: Crosstalks for the Best New Year

New year is undeniably one of the best, warmest and shiniest events of the year. Symbolically, during this time all troubles are going away and future is opening its gates to new decisions and feats.

In order to treat the closest people during winter holidays, Unicheck will try to resolve the most popular festive questions, such as: how to greet friends? which present to choose for beloved? How to entertain the family? Following the advice below students and educators would easily learn how to prepare the best festive treat this year.

Prepare the gifts

Everyone enjoys giving and receiving presents, and gifts for New Year and Christmas are the biggest and the most expected. A present denotes people’s attitude to each other, that’s why it is so important to examine the receiver’s needs and wishes.

Since Unicheck is so close to student environment and has an opportunity to reach learners’ hearts, our team composed a list of useful and original Christmas presents for students.

No matter where you are

Christmas is a great opportunity to spend more time with a family. People (no matter if they are students, parents or educators) are striving to get home for celebrating.

But sometimes circumstances force to change plans and stay at work or spend Christmas on campus. Unicheck is sure that there’s no need to despair, since celebrating out of home can be lots of fun.

Entertain your guests

Winter holidays are near, but celebration programme isn’t planned yet? Common games seem boring and hackneyed? It’s time for a change.

Take a festive quiz with Unicheck and find out which movie character you are. It is a great idea as well to prepare costumes according to quiz results and make a themed party (hopefully neighbours won’t get scary confused).  

Find out more about holidays

There are lots of interesting facts about Christmas, which people all over the world believe. But what if some of them are misleading and false? What if favorite Christmas characters and legends were created just for entertainment?

Unicheck decided to find out the truth and share it with the readers. Take a short quiz on Christmas true and false facts and expand your knowledge about winter holidays (we bet you’d be surprised).

Discover yourself

Celebration night is a good time to discover your friends’ and family’s hidden traits. People are happy and friendly on such magic occasions as New Year, so their most unexpected traits of character may be just come out.

Every person may be compared to a color, country, food or drink. After an accurate research Unicheck found loopholes between people’s personalities and New Year’s drinks. Already interested? Follow a quiz and get some self-analysis.

Unicheck team sincerely hopes that holiday advice above would be useful for every student and teacher.

And even more: we hope your studies would be thoughtful as Unicheck’s similarity detection engine, and your teaching will smooth and seamless as our LMS integrations.

Integrate happiness into your lives and be happy!


Unicheck Team

Unicheck Team

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