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Unplag Unveils The Demo Presentation of Its New Solution for Educators

Unicheck Unveils The Demo Presentation of Its New Solution for Educators

At Unicheckwe continue to improve and expand our services to meet the growing and evolving needs of our customers. That’s why we unveil the demo presentation of our new free Solution for Teachers today. We invite educators all over the globe to share their valuable feedback on a new solution and its features and on how the service can be improved.

The objective behind this initiative is to reduce the daily workload of teachers, enabling a greater level of productivity and ensuring students create and submit original, plagiarism-free papers. The solution is aimed to bring a new way for educators and students to collaborate by creating, collecting, submitting and grading assignments that will include automatic plagiarism check, possibilities to evaluate student works, leave feedback, check for grammar mistakes and proper referencing.

The new solution will provide benefits for both students and teachers:

  • Educators can invite their students to use the system after the registration process is completed.
  • Students can easily create and submit their assignments online.
  • The submitted papers will be collected and automatically checked for originality against the Internet and Unicheck databases, highlighting areas with text that is not original and listing the hyperlinked sources used.
  • After the work is submitted, educators can easily assign a grade, send their feedback to students or send the assignment back for revision and re-writing.
  • The tool will also have grammar and citation checker, and an editor.

We’re developing an intuitive user interface: Files and folders can be easily managed, removed, renamed and arranged.

Commenting on the announcement, Slava Orishechko, head of the Marketing Department at Unicheck, said:

We aim at collecting as much feedback as possible in order to create the solution that will exactly meet our customers’ needs and wishes and will provide maximum functionality.

The new solution will be launched in October 2015. Stay tuned for further updates on our blog, or register on our Solution for Teachers web page to be the first one to use the Solution right after it is launched.

Unicheck (ex-Unplag) Team

Unicheck (ex-Unplag) Team

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