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TOP-12 amazing facts about education in different countries

TOP-12 Amazing Facts About Education in Different Countries

There are so many countries in the World, that different nations created their own traditions and cultures, which vary widely. The same we can say about education. Some of the amazing facts in the educational system of different countries are quite logical and seem to be absolutely natural. But there are some other facts that are so unbelievable that we start to look for the roots of their origin! Every country has its own system of traditions, habits, and mentality. Being familiar with those traditions will help us to find out what factors caused them.

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Plagiarism Busters Contest_blog

$150* Unicheck Plagiarism Busters Contest

 ‘Booo!’ – and your heart missed a beat. ‘Shhh!’ – the cold sweat starts out on your forehead. You walk faster along the school corridor and look around in panic: books and papers scattered about in the wildest way, and bubbling green slime are dripping from the ceiling. Ugh! They are already here, so what you are going to do?

On the threshold of the Ghostbusters reboot, the most expectable recreation of legendary movie released in 1984, Unicheck online plagiarism checker has launched a $150* contest for students worldwide! Our overriding goal is to motivate you to use your original writing skills and make your fantasy sparkle with new colours! So come on, you have nothing to hide, just let your imagination run free and enjoy the process!

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Top 10 Scholarships for International Students

10 Best Scholarships for International Students You Can Apply For Now

Summer is already here and you are still dreaming of studying abroad and getting to know new cultures? Why not find a number of online courses or scholarship contests to take part in? This is a good fit for your brain and a good chance to save budget too.

To focus your efforts on those you can benefit from, do check its participation and eligibility requirements. This way you’ll quickly filter out the ones which aren’t suitable for you.

So let’s take a closer look at them.

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Plagiarism Busters Contest

Terms: Unicheck Plagiarism Busters Contest

$150* Unicheck Plagiarism Busters Contest



Contest: Unplag Plagiarism Busters Contest

Contest Area: Worldwide

Language: English

Age of Eligibility: Age of majority in country of Participant’s citizenship.

Contest Period: July 20, 2016 to August 18, 2016

Entries Due: 11:59 PM GMT on August 18, 2016

Entry is limited to one (1) entry per person per account.

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Scan for Plagiarism is Among the Things You Should Do As a Guest Blogger

Scan for Plagiarism is Among the Things You Should Do As a Guest Blogger

Scan for plagiarism is essential for writers. And guest bloggers are not an exception. A good article gives many benefits for the blogger, but to get the best result from guest posting, the writer needs a set of special tools or programs to ensure written posts are original. Originality influences guest blogger ranking, his or her reputation as a good specialist and future income. That’s why any person who writes texts for a website or blog should run a scan for plagiarism.

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