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the art of storytelling

The Art of Storytelling and How to Benefit From It

Storytelling is a way to compose and deliver a story to the audience with a certain meaning. To tell informative stories with the ending that becomes food for thought has always been popular and engaging. Storytelling at school suggests a variety of opportunities for students to learn how to express their thoughts logically, and how to create something unique that nobody has never told before. Read More

Create Concept Map

Create Concept Map and Enhance Information Comprehension

A concept map is a graphical representation of the main ideas and interconnection between them. It facilitates any learning material comprehension. Thus, a student acquires a logical understanding of various phenomena. It is actually simple to create concept map as it consists of boxes or circles and arrows showing the relation between concepts. Make sure that the information you use is not plagiarized with Unicheck. Read More

Go with Unicheck: Spread a Word - Get Reward

Go with Unicheck: Spread a Word – Get Reward

There’s hardly ever a dream that can be more meaningful than making education better. Perfection is nothing, but there is always a way to improve imperfections. Well, we, at Unicheck, know how to deal with such a daunting thing as academic plagiarism. And we believe that we have found a solution. It will be great to share it with you! Because you as an educator are the major driving force behind educational development. You are the leading squad, the motive, and the inspiration! To reward your efforts, we are ready to give you a 3-month account* to check papers with Unicheck for free. It doesn’t seem possible, but it is. Read More

Unicheck to Partner Up with Social Council of Integrity of Ukraine

Unicheck to Partner Up with Social Council of Integrity of Ukraine

academic integrityUnicheck has taken another great step towards fostering academic integrity! Now when all formalities are completed, we are more than glad to share with you our latest news.

Unicheck is to help Social Council of Integrity of Ukraine check works of all the current justices as well as candidates for judicial elections for plagiarism. So far, Social Council of Integrity of Ukraine has already signed a partnership contract with Unicheck. The members of the Council will assess all the submissions with Unicheck to ensure academic integrity principles haven’t been violated.

The candidates to the Supreme Court are current judges, Doctors of Philosophy and Doctors of Science. Social Council of Integrity of Ukraine will check the research papers of the applicants for plagiarism to make certain that scientific degrees they obtained are well-deserved.

For you to better understand what Social Council of Integrity of Ukraine is all about, here is a brief outline of its key functions. Social Council of Integrity of Ukraine is a special commission that identifies the compliance of a judge with criteria of professional ethics and academic integrity. It proceeds with a judge’s assessment to satisfy the needs of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine.


Trends in Higher Education 2017 That Will Wow You

Have you ever gone to a fortune teller? We, at Unicheck, bet you thought about it at least once. Predicting is something that we are still new to, but willing to try our hand at.

Throughout 2016 our team went to a series of educational conferences held across Europe and US. Being fond of workshops and exchanging ideas with true fans of education helped us much figure out what changes may await you in 2017. By outlining the key transformations for both online and offline learning, we hope you can grasp at the chance to quickly update your learning or teaching strategy for this year.

Intrigued? Then, proceed reading and learn what new opportunities MOOC can offer and how microlearning will let you upgrade on the go.Read More