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Learn How to be a Teacher

Learn How to be a Teacher: Educators’ Typical Mistakes that Make Students Cheat

How often do you notice that students are dissatisfied or annoyed because of their educators? Was it because they were too strict or unfair? There is a long list of educators’ personality traits that irritate even the most patient students. However, you also know the old saying, “If you try to please all, you will please none.”

Similar to any other specialists, educators can have their rises and falls, they do make mistakes sometimes, though it’s better make effort to prevent them than let it go.

We’re not going to judge anyone, we’ve just composed a list of the most typical mistakes educators make, which then can be some of the reasons why students cheat.

What teachers do:

Educators overload students with tasks and tests

Students are supposed to study a lot, and at the same time they want to have a private life with hobbies and parties, but the amount of material they should memorize doesn’t allow anything but studying. All these things can have different results. For example, students refuse to prepare home assignments and cheat on exams.

Educators don’t give clear explanation of materials

Working in any educational establishment entails making big efforts, both by educators and students. If one of these two parts (student or educator) fails to work well, the outcome turns out poorly. So, if a professor doesn’t explain materials clearly enough, students decide that he or she is incompetent. As a result, they resort either to doing everything by themselves or doing nothing at all except cheating. And the latter seems to happen more frequently…

Educators set the bar high

It’s too hard to receive a good mark. For that, a student has to work on five different projects, accomplish dozens of homework assignments, pass a few tests, and only then will he or she get a high grade. All these tasks make students sick and tired of studying very quickly, and what is even worse – completely apathetic.

Sometimes, students can even suspect their educator of intentionally creating tests that are too complicated so that students can’t pass them at all.

Educators find darlings or a teacher’s pet

It really annoys students when educators divide them into those they like and those they don’t. The «rejected” ones are always disgraced, and professors are strict with them. The most awful thing is that everyone understands which role he or she has and how a professor treats each of them.

Educators don’t motivate

Actually, it’s an optional responsibility for educators to motivate students. Some educators do it more often, some of them don’t do it at all. But everyone can agree that a lack of motivation in students only spoils the studying process.

An investigation carried out by the National Research Council in 2003 says that a lack of motivation is a real problem, and around 40 percent of high school students drop out because of this.

The only thing that can be suggested for both professors and students is to stay patient with each other. When people work as a team and support each other, good results are on their way, common aims are achieved fast and easily. So why not collaborate, then?

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