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Big-name authors and their weird jobs

Unusual Jobs of Famous Writers [Infographic]

In the infographic below, Unplag plagiarism checker dives into big-name writers and their extraordinary jobs.

No one is born a writing genius. Famous literary giants whose novels changed the world and the way we think and live are not an exception. They had extremely odd and unpaid jobs before they became full-time writers. Check out and get inspired by the stories of James Joyce, Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Dickens and others.weird jobsDownload this infographic.

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Daria Bilokon

Daria Bilokon

I'm Daria Bilokon and I recently joined the Unplag team as a staff writer. Before then, I was working as a freelance writer and blogger. I must be a lucky one to do my thing, since writing is what I tenderly love and care about.