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The Wonderments of Unicheck Reports

Clear & Visually Appealing Layout

Time is priceless. You need to spot them all at once. Each matching sentence or passage. Unicheck highlights them in yellow. So, you will have an idea of what needs citing at a glance.

Unicheck Layout

Sources with
Highlighted Matches

Every time a plagiarism check is completed, Unicheck delivers a list of links. They lead to matching sources. And yes, text similarities there are also highlighted. No time spent in vain.

Highlight Plagiarism Sources with Unicheck

Citations and References Detection

All correctly formatted citations and references shouldn’t be considered plagiarism and affect your similarity score. Unicheck can detect and skip them. It recognizes MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard.

Citations and References Detection

Escape from Self-Plagiarism

Recycling one’s own sentences does happen. Knowing that, Unicheck lets you compare two or more papers between each other. Just upload the files you want to check and select the ones to be compared with them.

Escape from Self-Plagiarism Escape from Self-Plagiarism

Real-Time Search
across the Internet

Whenever you need to scan papers against the internet, Unicheck uses up-to-date web index. It checks the relevance of every single matching source. So, you get accurate similarity and originality scores.

Checks against
Open Access Sources

We have done some calculations. Unicheck has more than 3000 open access sources in its index. So, when you scan texts against the internet, it automatically runs the comparisonwith all those sources too.

Speedy as Your Eye Blinking

Speedy as Your
Eye Blinking

Each page is scanned within seconds. Yes, it is as fast as eye blinking. Still, if the document has lots of them, Unicheck will need a bit more time to thoroughly process them and share its findings.

Being File-Format Friendly

No need to search for a file converter. Unicheck supports 99% of text file formats
including .doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt, .txt, .rtf, and .html. For now, .png and .jpg are missing. But you rarely use them for writings, don’t you?

Supported File Types

Boundless Storage Capacity

Unicheck can shelter as many documents as you need. It has unlimited storage capacity. You won’t have to regularly remove them and then upload again. Just keep all documents in safe inside your account.

Downloading Reports in PDF

Want to share a report, upload it to a cloud storage or print it out? Click the download button and get it in .pdf. Offline reports look exactly the same as their online twins. They show highlighted matches and list sources with text similarities (if any).

Download Plagiarism Reports in PDF Download Plagiarism Reports in PDF

Unicheck Speaks Your Language Unicheck понимает ваш язык Unicheck parle votre langue Unicheck spricht deine Sprache Unicheck habla tu idioma

Unicheck has thirst for knowledge. Its biggest passion is learning languages. The ones Unicheck knows well you can find below. If your language isn’t in the list, just drop us a line! Unicheck жаждет знаний. Его самое любимое занятие – изучать языки. Все те, которыми он уже владеет, перечислены ниже. Если вашего нет в списке, напишите нам об этом! Unicheck reconnaît toutes les langues et tous les alphabets... à l’exception des hiéroglyphes. Votre langue n’apparaît pas dans la liste ? Contactez notre équipe d’assistance technique pour obtenir de l’aide. Unicheck hat Wissensdurst Seine größte Leidenschaft lernt Sprachen. Die Unicheck weiß gut, dass man unten finden kann. Wenn deine Sprache nicht in der Liste ist, lass uns einfach eine Zeile! Unicheck tiene sed de conocimiento. Su mayor pasión es aprender idiomas. A continuación, encontrarás las lenguas que habla. Si tu lengua no está en la lista, contacta con nosotros.

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Boosting Confidence in Your Works

You are getting more confident with Unicheck at hand. We do our best to make searches accurate and timely prompt you what passages need attribution. No stress. No fear of failure. No sleepless nights.

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