All-Around Plagiarism Detection in Schools & Universities

Seamlessly embedded into your eLearning system, Unicheck automatically scans every paper and provides easy-to-read similarity results

Gaining Wide Recognition in HigherEd and K-12

Serving more than 1,300,000 students and 10,000 educators from over 1,100 institutions in 69 countries worldwide.

Unicheck Supports Any Platform

Painless integration with every major eLearning system



Native integration with unaltered, intuitive Canvas design.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Exclusive integration with automatically generated reports.



Flawless full-stack plagiarism detection plugin for accurate checks.



LTI integration with pre-checks that involves students in plagiarism prevention.



LTI-based plagiarism detection that adopts your environment perfectly.



Embedded API-based integration to enhance evaluation process.



Easily configured LTI integration for building automated assessment workflow.



Point-and-click LTI integration with AI-driven feature set.

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Didn't find your eLearning system?

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A New Degree of eLearning with Unicheck

Groundbreaking technologies designed to bring brand new possibilities

Extensive search

Powerful scanning covering all Internet, educational databases, scientific journals, and files in your institution’s account.

Anti-cheating technologies

Preventing cheating by removing all styles and formatting from the text to help you see character substitutions.

High speed

It takes only 4 secs per page to deliver a comprehensive similarity report with clickable sources and adjustable citations and references.

Fully automated process

Once uploaded to the system, every assignment undergoes a full-stack automatic plagiarism check.

Accurate junk-free results

Only relevant similarities, free of broken links and disreputable content, converted into a clear report in seconds.

Clear similarity results

Easy-to-read, comprehensive similarity report, automatically generated for each uploaded assignment.

Cloud-based platform

Easily accessible and highly scalable service that provides top-notch similarity results without overloading your system.

Absolute security

Papers uploaded to your account are encrypted at all times to ensure safety and provide exclusive access to your files.

Total privacy

All assignments submitted stay in a private institution library and aren’t transferred to any databases for text comparison.

Ultimate power

Bulk data processing feature enables successful concurrent checks of assignments, even during high seasons.

Aggregated analytics

Serving up collective university data on activity, originality, plagiarism rates, and popular sources - all stored in one place.

Instant support

Support managers and dedicated account managers are at your assistance 24/5: on the chat, email, and phone.

Tech-Powered Expertise Suited to Every Learning Cycle

Everything you need to streamline assessment, foster a culture of authenticity, and facilitate collaboration

Easy to install

  • Few-steps Unicheck integration with any LMS
  • Seamless transition using database migration
  • Features implementation based on client feedback
  • Complete development team ensures fast deployment

Easy to use

  • Intuitive interface and clear functionality for fast start
  • Cutting edge EdTech innovations for top-notch performance
  • Authorship verification to prevent contract cheating
  • Comprehensive report for accurate assessment

Easy on your budget

  • No hidden payments included in the price
  • No need to overpay for excessive functionality
  • Cost-efficient pricing for every need and size
  • Free options with decent plagiarism detection functionality

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