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Open API for Instant Plagiarism Detection

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Best Tools for Plagiarism Management under the Hood of Your Platform

Bulk data processing

Need to handle multiple files and get plagiarism reports in real time? Bulk data processing enables massive simultaneous file uploads and checks without slowing down your machine


Unicheck will sync data to your app in near real time. Register your URL and choose desired Webhooks. Anytime one of the events occurs, we will inform you on that URL. Webhooks work no matter how many users run the app

OAuth 2.0 protocol

Internationally recognized and flexible, this open protocol simplifies authorization workflows and access to protected data. It’s also the most secure data sharing standard on the market, which means user data is protected at all times

Frequently asked questions

What is Open API?

It’s a technically simplified version of API that allows user to spare a huge amount of time and effort while installing it.

Why would I need Open API?

Because it’s the fastest and most convenient way to use third-party data. You could easily integrate Unicheck with any system using our Open API feature.

Does it have functionality different from Unicheck main API?

Yes, it does. The reason is that individual users’ needs are different from educational institutions, so the functionality of Open API is tailored specifically to these needs.

Where could I find it?

You must be registered as a Unicheck user and have an active application. Open API could be reached through the system settings of your personal dashboard.

How could I authorise in Open API?

Unicheck Open API uses OAuth 2.0 protocol to authorize calls. When you create an app, Unicheck generates a set of OAuth client ID and secret credentials. Find the full authorization flow here (link to API Docs).

More questions? Check out the Unicheck Help Center

Need Something More Sophisticated?

Unicheck Custom API can be integrated into any environment. Let us know the details and we will get back to you with a tailored solution