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Pricing Guide

Flexible billing solutions to run efficient checks in any workflow, priced to meet your requirements.

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Enjoy the full power of Unicheck with every purchase:

  • Organizable online dashboard
  • No-verification Open API
  • Google Docs add-on
  • Bulk file checking

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Frequently asked questions

What is one page?
1 page includes 275 words, it's a standard double-spaced page according to academic standards.
Do unused pages expire over time?
The unused pages remain valid before the next payment is made. Your pages will expire within 6 months without additional purchase.You are free to use them up within that time period.
What if I want to buy a non-standard number of pages?
Go to the pricing panel and choose the closest to your desired amount of pages. You can repeat the purchase as many times as needed to obtain the required number because all purchased pages will be summed up in your personal account.
Do your prices include VAT?
For our EU customers, total payment amount does not include VAT.
Is API available?
You get an instant access to Unicheck API (+link to API page) in your personal account. Create API credentials and set up integration to run checks through your own sources.
How do you keep my data safe?
Unicheck ensures the highest level of data protection with encryption algorithms. The files you upload to run checks for similarities are never saved or stored in our database.
What is the refund policy?
Our service is non-refundable.
More questions? Check out the Unicheck Help Center