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Plagiarism Checker for Higher Education and K-12

Automated search of plagiarism in student assignments. Right in your LMS.
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Seamless Integrations with LMSs

Unicheck supports native integrations with most popular LMSs.
An educator student workflow stays the same. No disturbances.

Clear, Engaging,
and Data-Driven Reports

Reports are both visually appealing and informative. They have all text matches, citations and references highlighted. With stats collected, you can also track how originality and similarity rates change over time.
What Gems You Get with Unicheck
  • Integrations with LMSs

    We love LMSs as much as you do. That’s why Unicheck supports LTI, API,and plugin integrations. It is equally good for a faculty and entire university use.

  • Internet and Databases Check

    Searches do matter. To make them profound, Unicheck scans papersagainst the internet, open access sources, and student papers databases.

  • Connect Your Database

    No matter where your database with student papers is, we can import it to your account at Unicheck. It enables you to scan all new submissions against it.

  • Unlimited File Storage

    We know you have lots of them. Storing countless student assignmentsand reports is no longer problematic. No restrictions. Export them if you need.

  • Access to Smart API

    You wanted and we made it. From now on, any integration is real with the Unicheck API. So, even custom LMSs can have Unicheck connected seamlessly.

  • Tech-Savvy Search

    Even the wildest dreams come true. Unicheck uses machine learning to ensure accuracy in similarity search. The next giant step is to recognize paraphrase.

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