Our interviewee, Jacqui Murray, is a well-practiced educator with over 30 years of experience, author of the blog “Ask a teacher”, editor of a K-18 technology curriculum, and journalist with a vast portfolio of books and online resources – all about school and tech. She has been talking to us about so-called digital citizenship, safe Internet usage, and critical thinking of the upcoming population of learners.

Jacqui is a real ambassador of digital literacy and claims that in the digital native environment it’s crucial to educate children on safe Internet behavior from day one. We are also discussing the concept of life-long learning and copyright infringement that’s become a new normal. Since the Internet opens access to all sorts of information, it’s vital to not only distinguish neutral and differentiate fake news in your feed but to also use data knowingly.

Read all the details about digital citizenship as a comprehensive approach to teaching safe tech behavior to digital-native life-long learners in this blog post.


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