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Unicheck for Higher Education

A fully automated plagiarism prevention software that helps educators promote academic integrity in the classroom

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A Comprehensive Solution to Cover Every University Need

Data Safety is Central

Your data is securely stored and processed in your region and according to all international data privacy protocols including FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR. The privacy of personally identifiable information is strictly safeguarded by the Unicheck algorithms.

For every size and budget

Every college and school should be equipped with a vital and affordable tool for nurturing quality educational processes, regardless of the size and resources. Get a personalized plan that will fit your needs and possibilities.

Helps instead of complicating

You’re getting a clear, intuitive, and fully automated tool doing the routine part of the educational process while you implement the creative share. Implement best educational practices while Unicheck runs automatically delivering insights into the originality of your students’ research papers.

Equally accessible to every user

The universal design of Unicheck is called to prevent barriers in education to people with a wide range of disabilities. Every user has equal opportunities to utilize Unicheck in full to enhance their voice and writing skills along the way.

Trusted by the World of Academia

Higher Education institutions around the world utilize Unicheck in their assessment processes

Smooth automated assistant to simplify the life of an educator

Quickest on the market

Checking papers individually or in bulk at the pace of 25 seconds per page

Universally integrated into your LMS

A single admin account needed for quick and hassle-free integration to any LMS

Scales automatically when needed

Similarity scanning remains fast and delay-free, even during midterms and finals

Uncovers text modifications

Detects various text manipulations and displays them side-by-side with the original text

Simplifies your life in real-time

A team of dedicated support and success managers take care of you 24/7 through email, chat, and phone

Unicheck Integrations with Higher Ed LMSs

Easy integration with every Learning Management System

Plagiarism Prevention with Zero Added Work

Available at all times

Uploaded student essays are being checked within a couple of minutes, regardless of the high seasons. Reinforced by Amazon infrastructure, Unicheck is always running with the uptime of 99.95% providing as much capacity as needed at any given moment.

Highly flexible similarity report

Your grading process is fast and seamless with a colored minimap showing pages with potential plagiarism, side-by-side comparison allowing to investigate the paper's content next to a similarity source, and more. Exclude the source you consider irrelevant in a single click.

Complete migration assistance

No matter if you’re changing an LMS, a plagiarism checker, or both, our team will fully remove the hustle of database migration from you. All the advice and assistance on migration is a part of your subscription, no extra charges applied.

Easy and enjoyable support

Our Customer Support and Success team is not only 24/7 available. They answer your every inquiry within seconds through the chat, email, or phone. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is always at your assistance with any questions, onboarding training, or technical help that’s needed.

Give it a good try, no strings attached

Make use of at least 60 days of a free full-fledged Unicheck pilot to see how it helps you and your institution tackle all aspects of authentic learning.

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