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Unicheck’s Plagiarism Scanner for K-12

Encourage originality with a compliant and safe plagiarism scanner from day one. Use Unicheck as an online, stand-alone program, or integrated into your LMS.

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Let Unicheck Ease Your Academic Pain

Simple to Integrate and Navigate

Seamlessly integrating the plagiarism scanner may seem like a daunting task for your college or school. Unicheck will back you up. We’ll help with integration and guide you through the features of Unicheck. It’s simple, you’ll see.

Always-On Plagiarism Prevention

During high load seasons, your faculty may grow frustrated with the amount of academic papers to be checked. Each software failure may cost you a lot of time. Since Unicheck is hosted on the Amazon cloud, it’s available almost around-the-clock, with a 99.95% uptime.

Keeping Your Personal Data Safe

Personal data disclosure causes damage to teachers, students, and parents. We take the safety and privacy of all data we process seriously. Unicheck is FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR compliant. Thanks to the high security standards of Amazon’s hosting, your data is safely stored, processed, and protected.

Meeting Accessibility Standards

If using a plagiarism scanner required high digital skills, a fast internet, and robust devices, it would disrupt the learning process. We’ve made Unicheck compliant with the current accessibility requirements to make it readily available to anyone.

Who Finds Unicheck Helpful

Schools across the globe choose Unicheck as their primary plagiarism detection solution

Handy Plagiarism Scanner with a 99.95% Uptime

Fast Scanning and a Full Report

No need to wait for hours. Checking one page and receiving an online report takes about 25 seconds. All the matches, citations, and references are highlighted for possible exclusion. The list of matching sources is free from broken and dangerous links.

Native Flows in LMSs

Adopting a new tool requires training and time. The Unicheck plagiarism scanner simplifies things by perfectly integrating into your platform or LMS. In most cases, it supports the native LMS workflow.

Simple to Adopt and Interpret

You can easily export the report as a PDF, exclude sources with a low percentage of matches, or enable pre-checks for students. Navigating Unicheck is intuitive. Live trainings, video guides, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager makes onboarding even easier.

Integrations Unicheck Supports

K-12 schools add Unicheck to their daily assessment process

Made to Simplify Plagiarism Prevention with Full, 24/7 Support

Assisting with Migration

The Unicheck team handles all migration issues. We’ll help to seamlessly transition your academic database or switch from one platform to another.

Data Processed Close to Your Location

The data will be stored and processed within your geographical region. We’ve already opened data centers in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Canada. More are yet to come.

Responsive 24/7 Support Included

Unicheck’s Support Team works day and night to help you quickly address any emerging issues. Your feedback is always appreciated to improve the program and add new and useful features.

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