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Unicheck Blog on Plagiarism

Academic cheating statistics

Academic Cheating Statistics Say There’s Lots of Work to Do

Reading Time: 5 minutes

You may have seen dozens of them lately. Cases of contract cheating and the recent college scam with celebs involved are still making the headlines.

Eventually, they may sidetrack your attention. But do they have anything to do with academic cheating in higher school or university? What started once with cheating on exams may turn into the long-lasting habit of cutting corners.

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Unicheck Goes to InstructureCon 2019

Unicheck Is Heading to InstructureCon 2019: Join Us for a Panel, Fun Dancersize, and Get Cool Swag

Reading Time: 3 minutes

On July 9-11, in Long Beach, California, one of the most fun and informative education conferences is going to take place — Canvas InstructureCon 2019. Increasing student success and learning about the power of technology to impact education are among the main objectives of the event.

Sunshine, palm trees, and parties combined with edtech innovation, inspiring keynotes and professional development await you, education junkies!

InstructureCon 2019 conference promises to share plenty of educational insights with its visitors. This year’s schedule is full of illuminating sessions, exciting edtech updates, and nightly parties.Read More

Online Teaching Conference 2019 Anaheim, California

Meet Unicheck Team at The Online Teaching Conference 2019 in California

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Next week, on June 17-19, in Anaheim, California, a unique event on innovative and effective online education is going to take place. Online Teaching Conference 2019 is a real opportunity for educators to cooperate with colleagues, connect, share knowledge and best practices, and further their professional development.

The Online Teaching Conference California is focused on pedagogy and technology to improve online learning and student success.

The first day features pre-conference workshops. Instructors will hold lectures on relevant topics like interaction with Canvas LMS, accessibility, video tools—everything required for building effective online courses and classes.

The second and third day will give visitors a deeper look into online course development and delivery. The educators will discuss how studies have smoothly moved online, commemorating the new era of shaping students’ success.Read More

Unicheck hosted on Amazon cloud

The Unicheck Plagiarism Prevention Software Is Now Hosted on Amazon Cloud

Reading Time: 4 minutes

“Is a plagiarism checker reliable?” This question is a major concern for HigherEd and K-12, and we know why. Reliability includes everything from security and accessibility of the plagiarism prevention software to its ability to scale and to handle peak load.

With Amazon cloud hosting, Unicheck maintains effective data security that complies with GDPR and other modern data protection regulations.Read More

Unicheck Invites You to Test an Innovative Tool for Checking Source Code for Plagiarism

Reading Time: 1 minute

With computer-related courses becoming an integral part of modern education, being able to detect the originality of code is growing more important.

Unlike common paper plagiarism, source code plagiarism is much easier to commit yet difficult to detect. Most of the existing plagiarism detection tools fail to accurately identify similarities concealed within plagiarized code due to poorly adopted algorithms. These tools are also usually difficult to launch, have bulky interfaces, and provide illegible results. All of these factors make a code plagiarism detector an obstacle rather than a helper.Read More

Latest Improvements to Unicheck Integration for Major LMSs

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In the academic world, Unicheck is an integral part of the LMS. Therefore, our most important task is to make this experience for every user as smooth, intuitive, and secure as possible.

In this round of updates, we’ve added a list of game-changing enhancements that will simplify similarity report navigation, make the reports accessible to every user, and save even more time for you to prioritize strategic tasks over routine.

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