Academic Integrity

Unicheck Joins the Turnitin Family

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Over the past five years, we have made plagiarism detection more reliable and more intuitive for more than 1,000 education institutions across the globe. 

Today, I am pleased to announce that Unicheck has joined Turnitin. Together, we will further promote academic integrity by investing in technological excellence. 

What does this mean for you? Unicheck will continue as a standalone plagiarism detection solution for schools and universities globally. Unicheck users—both existing and new—can expect the same great product and service they have come to rely on from Unicheck. Meanwhile, the union of the two companies means:

  • Increased Innovation: Unicheck and Turnitin share the same goal of continuous improvement and innovation for educators and administrators. By working together, we will accelerate investment in our technologies to deliver new features and products.
  • More Choices: Both Unicheck and Turnitin customers will now have a broader set of solutions available to them to meet their evolving needs in academic integrity.  
  • Same Team: My staff and I are thrilled to join the Turnitin family. We will continue our commitment to the success of Unicheck users while also partnering with our Turnitin colleagues on key product and partnership initiatives.

Unicheck and Turnitin share a deep commitment to ensuring the integrity of education across the globe and we look forward to furthering this mission together.

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