5 Tips on Choosing an Effective Plagiarism Checker Software for Students

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Let’s say you’re finishing your dissertation for your four-year course, or you’re always writing long essays for your classes. Maybe you’re submitting an article to a local newspaper or turning over relevant research to a government office.  

You’ve spent a lot of sleepless nights swimming in waters of information, and by the time you’re proofreading your work, you want to know whether your words have any similarities to the resources you’ve gathered.

That’s very valid. Plagiarism is the enemy of academics, artists, and scientists across the globe. 

Plagiarism in Academics 

For instance, in Western University in London, Ontario, plagiarism has dominated the roster for academic offenses. Last year, the institution reported the highest number it has ever witnessed, with 105 cases of plagiarism.  

Likewise, the researchers from Annamalai University in India are being accused of plagiarism, data duplication, and manipulation in more than 200 research works, as per a local news source 

Optimizing Checking for Plagiarism with Tools 

Now, to avoid plagiarizing content, you could run a quick Google search or manually (and exhaustingly) reread and compare everything you’ve written, but why bother when you can subscribe to the best plagiarism checker for students?

You might be wondering, “Are online plagiarism checkers accurate? How can I trust them?”

Well, they are pretty precise, and most plagiarism checking software has thousands of students who trust them worldwide. In fact, when you get the most reliable plagiarism checker in the market, you’re sure to have a lifeline in these rough seas.

With a large scholarly database to automatically peruse, your plagiarism report guarantees accuracy, making sure that your document is both original and rightfully yours. As a bonus, you can even identify similarities between your previous papers and unpublished work because it also serves as a self-plagiarism checker. It’s also perfectly safe to use since these platforms promise confidentiality when sharing documents.

This brings us to the next question: How can I get the most reliable plagiarism checker?

Read more to find out.

How to Choose the Best Plagiarism Checker

  1. Evaluate the extent of your plagiarism checker software

If you doubt the accuracy of online plagiarism checkers, one way to know for sure is to evaluate the coverage of the platforms you’re choosing from.  

Coverage deals with the amount of plagiarism detected by your checker as well as its methods for tackling the original text. Most reliable plagiarism checkers can detect nearly all similar texts among your work and resources on the database.

Make sure to at least get software that can detect more than half of any similar texts. Never settle for less.

To perform the evaluation, ask your plagiarism checker software provider for a free trial or a live demo. Most paid plagiarism checkers offer either before you decide to purchase their product, which is great because once you settle on your subscription, you already know what you’ve signed up for.  

Once you’re on your free trial or demo, try looking for and inputting a heavily plagiarized work to measure the extent of plagiarism your platform can detect. When you receive your plagiarism report, don’t just check for spot-on text similarity identification. Look for relevant outcomes.

This means that your report must not contain non-functioning or outdated links. These will prompt you to check each match manually, which robs you of time that could be spent developing your writing skills.

If your providers don’t offer this option, you can check reviews and resources online for solid evaluations.

Apart from this, take note of the sources your software inspects to determine text similarity. It’s also important to check if they support multiple file formats for these checks. If your platform is equipped with real-time search functionalities, then you’re definitely in good hands.

  1. Don’t forget citations

Correctly citing sources avoids unintentional and subconscious plagiarism and rightfully credits the work accomplished by others, but let’s be honest here: citations are quite a handful. However, with the best plagiarism checker for students, you can easily check if you’ve missed any citations or if you’ve improperly cited your source.

The most reliable plagiarism checker can detect and generate accurately formatted citations for various citation styles. It must have all the tools necessary when building a bibliography for your paper.

Furthermore, the best plagiarism checker can tell whether you’ve patchworked your paper, which happens when you take bits from various sources and forget to cite them.

It can also determine if you’ve reproduced text from your previous or unpublished work thanks to its self-plagiarism checker functionalities. It ensures that even though you’re writing about the same topic or something related to it, you won’t repeat what you’ve already discussed in previous submissions.  

Having a plagiarism checker software makes your papers more professional, which is the primary requirement of any formal work or research you’re turning in. Moreover, it gives credit where it’s due and matches the plagiarism checker your teachers use to identify improper citations and intentional reproductions.

  1. Check for support

It’s important to have a software provider with an open and fast communication channel that allows you to easily reach out to in case you encounter any issues with your platform.

When searching for the most reliable plagiarism checker, look at the ways you can contact your provider. Ideally, it’s nice to have 24/7 email and landline support options and social media accounts.

Additionally, the most hands-on providers can even give you direct contacts with the heads of their development and sales departments so that they can give you more efficient and focused assistance.

  1. Look at their privacy policies  

Privacy might not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a plagiarism or self-plagiarism checker, but it’s important to see whether your software is compliant with privacy policies such as the GDPR and FERPA.

The most reliable plagiarism checker does not only offer robust features that can detect copied texts or incorrect and missed citations. It also respects your privacy by setting up a cloud or private repository that houses your data and keeps it away from unwanted individuals.

Apart from this, it’s good to check whether your platform has a global database for its users. Try to ask your provider about its privacy policies. Consequently, it’s part of exploring a document management software list for key features.

  1. Consider your budget

We get it. Students struggle with day-to-day expenses and student loans, so a free plagiarism checker is definitely more appealing than a paid subscription. However, it’s good to note that free services always have limitations.

Although they don’t charge anything, these plagiarism checkers can only accommodate a certain number of words, documents, or queries. You won’t have access to the exclusive functions of paid software such as live demos, tech support, guaranteed privacy, multiple language checks, as well as additional features that enable it to become a self-plagiarism checker.

While a free plagiarism checker might be dependable, you want the most reliable plagiarism checker as you write, so save up and invest in a paid software.

What’s the best plagiarism checker for students?

The best plagiarism checker for students provides accurate results in a short amount of time, revealing both copied content and improper citations.

Unicheck is one of those plagiarism checkers. By scanning a vast pool of resources, you can determine replications from the internet in real-time in multiple languages. You can also compare new works against those you’ve written earlier, review and pinpoint uncredited work.

Equipped with a clean interface, the software is simple and easy to grasp, so if you want to improve your content and eliminate plagiarism from your work, sign up for an account and get in touch with us. We can be your most reliable plagiarism checker today.

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