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Spoiler alert: In this blog, we’re naming all the major LMS and Unicheck checkpoints to ensure a successful user experience. And we’ve mentioned two fresh report alterations in the end. 😉

As distance learning is here for the long-term, the last thing you need is to be grappling with technology issues. To help you run every similarity check smoothly, we’ve compiled a list of things both administrators and instructors can do to make sure Unicheck is properly connected and ready to scan a paper for plagiarism.

We’ve also added a couple of updates that are now accessible within any LMS Unicheck integrates with. Just take a moment to go over this blog—there are some goodies in here.

While educators and students have been enjoying the benefits of online learning, they’ve also found that it comes with a fair share of challenges.

Among them, there’s one challenge that’s quite unexpected: having too many solutions to choose from. Yes, you can have too much of a good thing! You see, tech for online courses today is saturated with almost too many solutions and ideas.

The global e-learning industry is so big that by 2020, it’s projected to be worth more than $243 billion. This saturation includes the learning platforms available and even the teaching & learning methods used by different educators. As a result, administrators and educators alike become overwhelmed even before the learning has begun. Choosing the right solutions to deliver online education becomes a significant hurdle that’s difficult to overcome.