Let’s say you’re finishing your dissertation for your four-year course, or you’re always writing long essays for your classes. Maybe you’re submitting an article to a local newspaper or turning over relevant research to a government office.  

You’ve spent a lot of sleepless nights swimming in waters of information, and by the time you’re proofreading your work, you want to know whether your words have any similarities to the resources you’ve gathered.

That’s very valid. Plagiarism is the enemy of academics, artists, and scientists across the globe. 

You know you need to cite your references, but do you know how to do it correctly? It is important for you to show that you have spent time looking into the evidence of what is already out there before offering your perspective. Not only that, but giving credit where credit’s due can keep your originality scores high. Incorrect in-text citations or missing quotations can result in low originality scores in submitted papers, which you’ve worked hard to avoid.

So here’s a quick, full-on guide to what you need to cite, when you don’t need to cite and free online tools that you can use to help you with the process. 

Things in the education space have a tendency to evolve rapidly, making it feel like the world keeps changing overnight. Students today find themselves with a genuine concern about staying ‘future-proof’, or being able to keep up with such changes to remain competitive as they enter the workforce.

These changes won’t stop, so what can students like you do to keep up?

The 23rd of April is a symbolic date when the whole world celebrates Book and Copyright Day. It is considered the day of tribute to the outstanding writers Miguel de Cervantes, Shakespeare, and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega who died on this day.

Today we are recognizing the significance of books as the link between cultures and traditions, the past and the future. What’s more, we’re encouraging everyone, younger generations in particular, to discover the pleasure of reading.

Christmas ornaments are like sweets and sweets are like human characters, – sometimes bright and empty, the other times bitter and sweet and the third times plain and flavorless like a two-week old piece of gum! This New Year plenty of candy canes, classy balls and dog shaped ornaments will be dominating the Christmas trees in every home.

Finally, it’s time to invite the holiday spirit in your life as well, time to get stuff your tummy with yummies and empty your head of daily worries.

 “Get good grades at the high school and enter a good university” is how you land a job. Or is it?

 This one is better: “Get an internship to get a sick job”. But what is the best way to get an internship in the first place?

 The internship is the first step on the way to the career in the company of your dream and it’s exactly the step that graduates stumble over way too often. According to employment rates of college graduates in 2016, the employment rate was 77% for the college degree holders and 88% for those who have a bachelor’s degree.