Promoting Academic Integrity in Ukraine in Partnership with American Councils

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Following the mission of promoting academic integrity, Unicheck has partnered with American Councils for International Education on the Strengthening Academic Integrity in Ukraine Project (SAIUP).

This initiative is aimed at transforming the outdated educational system by improving the reputation of Ukrainian universities, integrating proven international academic practices, and creating a new academic culture based on honesty, transparency, ethics, and respect.

The Studies for Changing Societies initiated a special issue of the journal on Academic Integrity in Transitional Societies. The reason for choosing this subject is that it affects not only Academy domain, but the aspects of justice and trust in society as a whole. Also, it is expected to create a platform for discussing the importance of quality education, sharing ideas, experiences, and developments in the area of academic integrity.

We invite authors interested in the field of academic integrity to participate and submit their papers to the special issue.

All submissions will be subject to a double-blind review, with the chosen ones to form a catalog of 10 articles. Targeting countries from Eastern and Central Europe, Central Asia, and Latin and North America, the journal editorial team is hoping to sparkle a debate on issues in education and ways to improve them. English is the language of the journal, which will make it widely accessible to international audiences.

The special issue “Academic Integrity in Transitional Societies” will be presented in March, 2018. Deadline for article submission is December 1, 2018.

Find more details, author guidelines, and contact information here.


To make sure all potential authors get to know about this opportunity, please repost this info on the website and social media page of your university.