Brilliant Writer and Humanist Julius P. Kessy Shares His Writing Advice

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No need to wait till your muse knocks at the door. We, at Unicheck, keep on interviewing brilliant writers from all around the globe for you to stay motivated. So, now you seem to be in the right place and at the right time.

You may assume that writers are always pressed for time and can hardly manage to do things other than writing books. But it isn’t so. Luckily, we managed to get in touch with a young thoughtful and impressive author and philanthropist. Meet Julius P. Kessy! He is a Tanzanian writer and founder of the web-portal My Writers Bureau that suggests essay contests every writer can take part in.

So far, Julius has written four e-books and numerous articles for newspapers like Media Blackberry and the County Times. He is also the author of the best-seller Millionaire Essayist: How to Write for Essay Competitions and Win. Julius is an all-round personality indeed. He writes on self-improvement and promotion, on-time goal setting, and most importantly, humanity problems everyone should be concerned about.

Let’s read on to find out what made Julius choose writing and how he gets inspired along the way.

1. What was your incentive to start writing?

I decided to become a writer to fulfill what was created inside of me. Fifteen (15) years ago when I was still a young boy, staying with my aunt, she used to give me writing assignments nearly every day. So, instead of spending my time in unproductive TV programs, I had to summarize TV news on a small piece of paper to be marked. I did this for several years. It seemed a burden to me till I grew up and realized how fruitful it was. Since then I stopped wishing and decided to use writing to create for it is the power given to every writer from his mother’s womb. I do not want to blame myself that I was given the talent of writing, but I let the fear take away my wonderful talent. I want my words to bless the world, touch lives and leave many inspired.

2. Do you find it simple to write unique stories?

The answer is a big YES. It’s quite simple! Real writers write to create, once you put this in your head, you will possess your own style of writing and your own words that your readers can read and understand. But to write words on that page you’ll sometimes need to read on what others have written about a particular topic. At this juncture, learn how to get into others point of view and step into your own point of view, that way your writing will attain peculiarity.

3. What are your sources of inspiration?

I am inspired by open minded people that are unselfish, persuasive and who give by hearts and expect nothing in return. I am inspired by people who are highly creative and charming to get along with anyone, people who are not just thinkers, but rather optimistic doers and are confident in their beliefs. I am a fan of friends who exploit their potentials to the fullest, who are committed to self-learning, plan ahead and take an extra mile, friends who are independent thinkers and believe in what makes sense and reject that doesn’t.

4. Tell us three words that describe you

I am “an introvert, humanist and a thinker”.

5. What advice would you give to novice writers?

My good advice to beginners would be; yes, writers love writing, but also we love to be read. It’s what hunts most of us and remains a constant challenge to newbie writers who tend to get disappointed at start. I argue you to write for yourself and fall in love with the actual craft and not the disease of fame. Do not write to get celebrated. This is what hunted me too. But ever since I rediscovered my first love “writing”, I now write for the right reasons and not for facebook or blog comments. I have forgotten about childish attitudes because I do not want to mix my creativity with applause. I’ve accepted to fall in love with the art. My head wouldn’t stop ringing unless I purge out these ideas. If you are too keen about this art start treating it like that. Let us make it the center of our lives and not just something we do in spare time or as an optional career. That way; you will never wake up in the morning without something to tell your readers.

6. What project are you currently working on?

Recently, I have been working on THE TEN DAYS FREELANCE WRITERS CHALLENGE to share some fascinating and proven tips from the world of freelance writers. The challenge that aims at training aspiring writers and beginners on how to become effective and efficient writers, helping them to write well and wow their readers and find their voice and confidence without going hungry.