Unbelievably Useful and Fun Christmas Presents for Any Student

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The New Year’s gift is not just a gesture of courtesy. It’s a tiny ceremony that shows your attention and care. Students do not generally belong to the picky audience, however, the present you prepare will clearly show how well you know a person.

Instead of buying utterly Christmassy snowball or awarding a learner with Christmas socks full of, well, socks, try to focus on useful but original things that will bring in emotions.

Finding Christmas gifts for college students is not that difficult. We have prepared the list of things that will ease this task and provide something valuable for geeks, nerds, travelers, music junkies, sleepyheads, and artsy ones. Spoiler alert: it’s gonna be fun.

Bluetooth tracker for forgetful ones

The Bluetooth tracker can be adjusted to tiny things such as keys or phones that have a weird tendency to get lost just when we need them.

Geeks, brainiacs and other students who get lost on their usual phone/key/whatnot finding quest will find the thing increasingly useful. It is enough to attach the sensors to the keys and other items, and you are free to lose the objects all you like, subsequently tracking them on your smartphone or tablet.

Plagiarism checker for watchful ones

This is probably the best Christmas present to a student who is cautious about how and what they write.

Plagiarism checker can prove to be a great help to make sure that in all essays and written assignments, citations are properly cited. Besides, it feels good to run your paper through and be completely sure that there are no mistakes, and no unwanted surprises coming your way.

The matter with that feeling of anxiety before submitting the paper is that nowadays, all written assignments go through plagiarism check, and students constantly find themselves doubting if they have cited all quotes, or if there’s anything else they missed.

Unicheck is irreplaceable in such situations. It is even more useful for all those students who care about their academic career, and especially to those who dream of becoming writers or journalists.

Unicheck gives the opportunity to select and buy the exact number of pages needed: for one paper or enough papers to last a month or the whole year.

Quadrocopter for adventurous ones

This is no more a luxury present for geeks and selected few, but an acceptable option as a gift appropriate even with a small budget.

For all of those, who do not want to read large texts about what to do with them in your backyard, there’s a hint: they are used as radio-controlled toys or great tools for video recording. Students who like traveling might want to take the one on the trip to capture the sights from various countries to make a memorable video from the bird’s eye perspective.

In addition, such gadgets can be used for the entertainment. Arrange a spy game with your mates or go on an exciting quest.

Ukulele for musical ones

Usually, those who like listening to music like playing it too. In order to fully unleash and nurture the musical potential in your mate, instead of the 28th pair of headphones just buy him or her an ukulele.

The actual chance that your friend already has such instrument is fairly small: a guitar, – yes, a banjo – yes, a mandolin, – maybe, but certainly not ukulele.

Do not be daunted by the fact that your mate may not be a regular orchestra-man. It is easier to master such a mini guitar than, say, to operate proper six-strings guitar. Besides, such Christmas present will not cost that much.

Counterclockwise clock for lazy ones

Here is a Christmas present for students that will suit all of those who dream about an extra hour in their day, just to nap.

Such clock will literally run backwards, – the minutes, the hours and the seconds will reflect the time counterclockwise.

Such inexpensive ten buck present won’t throw your friend back in time to catch up with unwritten assignment, and will not help them get younger like it worked with Benjamin Button. But one thing is certain: it will place an interesting expression on the face of a random clock observer.

Breakable pencils for creative ones

Oftentimes quiet introverts and nerdy student types only seem passive. Inside, their heads are exploding with thousands of ideas and visual concepts. Christmas gifts for college students like these will help to throw all that is happening in the mind right onto the paper.

Try to choose a notebook with a creative, funny or original cover, – that will lift spirits of your friend and everyone around them. A unicorn, a troll face, Rick Sanchez or Eric Cartman? That’s all up to your friend’s taste, or your best guess.

But who buys notebooks without pencils? Make it a package deal for your friends and buy them a pack of pencils that say – “snap in case of frustration”.  Perfect for finals. Just sayin’.

Ready for shopping?

Christmas gifts for students can be interesting, helpful, funny or surprising. Choosing Christmas presents for students you can appeal to their interests, everyday needs, and if budget allows, life dreams.

In order to get a little Christmas fun is student’s life you don’t have to buy something expensive, just show that you care and admire that interesting and adventurous personality that lives in every one of them.