Unicheck’s Customer Support Goes 24/7: What Does It Change for You?

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We at Unicheck love our customers and always put them first. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that from now on, Unicheck’s multi-channel Customer Support goes 24/7! 

To help handle over 1.5K customer requests a month, we’ve added two more days of real-time human support each week to make Unicheck’s experience smooth and interruption-free for every user. No need to search through manuals, just ask your question and get an instant answer from the Unicheck Support Team!

Pavlo Kosenko, Head of Customer Support at Unicheck

“We’ve built a team of dedicated and helpful people who care for every Unicheck customer as if they were their own friends! That’s exactly what we’re pursuing—every customer stays focused entirely on comprehensive similarity results instead of technical challenges”


What does 24/7 Customer Support mean

For academic institutions:

      No login issues – our team helps with any login-connected problems at all times

      Quick password reset – update an institution’s account password without waiting

      Instant interface advice – having trouble using Uncheck’s functionality? Ask a question and get it answered in seconds

      Complex help – API integration with the institution’s internal services for privately run checks, providing the ability to scale to check bigger volumes of student submissions, etc.

For individual users:

      Free checking options – recommendations on how to scan for similarity for free with Unicheck

      Pricing info – all actualized rates and payments methods thoroughly explained

      Report tips – find out how to differentiate highlighted plagiarism and citations in text or how to view original similarity source


Customer Support at Unicheck is:

      Multi-channel – responsive, quick, and easy-to-use channels for every need: from a real-time online chat to a contact form, email, and phone consultations

      100% human – no automated chats or robotic voices over the phone, but a competent team that is always at your assistance

      Personalized – you’ll receive a quick solution to your exact request regardless of complexity

      Highly responsive – fixing glitches and receiving functionality advice becomes quicker and promotes interruption and stress-free experience


You are welcome to reach out to us 24/7 via email: support@unicheck.com, via online chat, our contact-us form at unicheck.com, or over the phone at +12819120548.


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