Unicheck Labeled as an Excellent Content Management Software by SaaS Reviews Platform

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Intuitive, powerful, and lightning fast are some of the adjectives the team at FinancesOnline used in their review of Unicheck. For those unaware, FinancesOnline is the go-to platform for decision-makers who are trying to find the right set of tools for one’s business operations. It has thousands of software reviews in its belt, and they compared us against the best content management systems on the market.

Scoring a positive 8.4 rating, Unicheck was approved by FinancesOnline as a software that allows everyone to ensure text originality with ease. This was highlighted in FinancesOnline’s breakdown of the most beneficial Unicheck features for plagiarism checking:

  • Whether it’s for a specific text or large documents, Unicheck builds originality report and displays similarities and references within a few seconds;
  • FinancesOnline team was impressed with the large list of supported document formats and recognizing various cloud-based storage platforms;
  • Its highly accurate algorithms are capable of detecting even the most sophisticated attempts of plagiarism;
  • With bulk uploads function, you can scan numerous documents for any unwarranted plagiarism at once;
  • It can function both standalone and integrated into any learning or business management solutions.

Its ease of use is one of the reasons why FinancesOnline found Unicheck deserving to win 2018 Great User Experience award.

They also distinguished us with the 2018 Rising Star award after determining that the majority of Unicheck users are satisfied with the tool’s capabilities and find it an efficient solution to their problems.

We are very much pleased to get a favorable review from FinancesOnline!

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