Get Your Hands on Unicheck’s Contract Cheating Prevention Solution

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We are happy to invite educational institutions to join a beta testing of the Unicheck’s revolutionary contract cheating detection solution powered by AI algorithms.

Why We Created Emma?

The issue of contract cheating is on the rise. Educators don’t have the time to verify authorship of every submitted student work. Even having serious doubts about the authorship of a given work, they don’t have reliable tools at hand to prove themselves right.

We developed Emma, an AI-driven authorship verification assistant, to help solve this dilemma not only for educators, but for students too. By giving instructors ground for initiating conversations with problematic students, we strive to accelerate personalized learning and drive the quality of education.

How Emma Works?

Being an essential component of the Unicheck plagiarism prevention solution, Emma automatically examines the writing style of the student and defines whether submitted paper belongs to his/her authorship or not. To do that, Emma utilizes stylometry and NLP technologies after studying on a couple of previous original student’s works.

Who can join Emma’s beta testing:

Educational institutions that utilize learning management systems with LTI 1.0 and 2.0 types of integration. Also, one should have at least one active course with 7+ students enrolled. For each student, you should submit at least 3 original papers (a total of 3,000 words) for an initial self-training period of Emma.

*Those organizations that don’t use compatible LMSs, will be provided with a ready-to-go LMS account with Emma on board for the entire period of the solution testing.

Why sign up for this beta testing?

We at Unicheck are positive that Emma is able to hold back contract cheating, boost original thinking, and foster high-quality personalized education while freeing every partaker from heaps of manual tasks.

Educators will enjoy how Emma streamlines the process of authorship verification providing a comprehensive conclusion and saving loads of time.

For learners, this is a great chance to start being creative and not afraid of expressing his or her original voice. As a result, students will graduate highly skilled and educated, which is by itself the greatest accomplishment for both a university and a student.

LMS administrators can not worry about the setup and maintenance of Emma, because it is launched automatically within the Unicheck plagiarism detection solution. The whole solution functions independently with the timely automated updates.

Test out and get perks:

To make the process of beta testing even more exciting and valuable, all educators who will foster the participation of their university will be granted with the generous Amazon gift cards and awesome swag that validates your outstanding status of a pioneer in an educational forward movement.

Most importantly, your institution will be given free access to the Unicheck’s full-fledged plagiarism prevention solution for a period of two months (limitations of a number of checks apply).

Join Unicheck’s family and can sign up for Emma’s beta testing here.

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