Heutagogy as a New Stage in Education You Should Be Ready For

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A teacher does not decide anymore what a student should learn, instead a student has now more freedom to say what to learn and when. Self-learning aims to enable everyone to analyze information, ask questions and find answers independently. A teacher becomes a student’s partner, and it is called heutagogy. While making decisions and taking control over learning, a student should know how to find and produce valid and unique information. As for the latter,  Unicheck may come in handy.

Heutagogy is inextricably bound with such student qualities as learning determination, capability, self-reflection, double-loop learning, and non-linear learning. Here is a brief outline of all qualities that you should have or develop. 

A Determined Learning

A determined learning is about self-motivation to learn things you need and apply them either in the familiar or unfamiliar environment. A teacher is not responsible for the assessment of your knowledge. So, it’s you, who measures the new knowledge attained and ways to put it to practice. Just keep reminding yourself that the best employee should be communicative, tech-savvy, and adaptable to different conditions, thus, you should be productive and self-sufficient.


You should be efficient in various environments, try and discover a new way of knowledge application, and find resources to quickly find what you need. Capability comprises efficient management. This is what can let you quickly find a solution for any issue while staying calm.


You should be ready not just to learn information, but understand what you learnt, and how you did it. It is the right time for a learner to find new information and sum up the one he or she already knows. Once done, think of their interconnection. By doing so, you will boost your analytical skills.

Double-Loop Learning

Double-loop learning makes a student reflect on the problem, possible ways of its solution, and drafting a plan with steps to take. A student analyzes how outcomes may depend on judgements and beliefs, and how to change beliefs and judgements, so that the learning process can be more effective.

Let’s Sum Up

Thanks to heutagogical learning a student becomes self-determined, focused on self-assessment, and able to find solutions. With a changing teacher role, students have more chances to grow as active and self-reliant learners. However these are not the only transformations. Some of them are already taking place,  here you can read more about them.