A Little Surprise This Thanksgiving

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One late autumn night closer to Thanksgiving, as Unicheck team was sitting in the dimly lit room in the office, we started talking, as usual, about you.

Don’t freak out or anything, because that’s not weird. That’s our job: we come to the office every day, and we think and we talk and we try to find a solution to the same question each day: how can we make things easier for our customers? That’s how all new things get to see the light of day, from new dashboard to the new pricing, from new blog topics to the new quiz themes.

That day was not different.

We are a talkative bunch. We sit peeking from behind our monitors, sharing jokes, troubles, and cares, and you are always on our minds.

And just like that, in a whirl of collective genius, the most brilliant idea was born.

Your Thanksgiving with Unicheck

What do you love best about fall?

Besides the joy of coming back to school, and the fluttering butterflies before the exams, this is what we love about late November.

Turkey, thanks, and an amazing holiday season that comes with it.

No matter what you look forward more, the family reunion, the tasty roast, or just the warm feeling of gratitude, we promise you: this Thanksgiving is going to be especially warm, because we have prepared a surprise for you.

To access your surprise, go to your email and check any Thanksgiving letters from us, or go to your social media and find our Thanksgiving post. Click on the button to let us know your are interested, and wait for your surprise to arrive.

We love you dearly, and thank you for your choice, and for being such an amazing customer. Happy Thanksgiving, and big hugs from us.