Another Awesome Feature for Unicheck & Canvas Native Integration – Course Copy

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It’s finally here – new helpful functionality for Unicheck & Canvas Native Integration. Creating new courses becomes an effortless two-clicks routine instead of a boring continued generation of similar course structures.

Canvas Copy Course feature is all about creating a brand new course by copying from the existing similar one. As simple as that. We at Unicheck are positive that it will significantly help teachers and everyone in charge of courses creation. Now you can finally spare more time for important and creative tasks.

Why Unicheck & Canvas Native Integration Get So Much Love

There are basically two ways of how Unicheck can be integrated into Canvas – via LTI and a Native Integration. And the latter has a lot to offer:

  • Implementation of the integration takes literally 30sec or 3 to 5 clicks of a mouse
  • No particular maintenance needed – updates are downloaded automatically
  • 99,9% of the system up-time makes Canvas and Unicheck a trouble-proof and reliable alliance
  • Compatible with both Canvas’ SpeedGrader and DocViewer, tools for viewing, commenting and grading assignment submissions
  • Settings of each particular assignment are adjustable at any time
  • Similarity report can be available to both teacher and student
  • No need to dive into individual reports – overall similarity score of each paper is available on the list in Grades (clickable different-colored flags that lead to a full similarity report: blue for 0% similarity, green for up to 20%, yellow for medium level of similarity found, and red for 80% and more)
  • All submitted papers can be now stored in Canvas and downloaded to your PC
  • Optional opportunity to resubmit papers given by the teacher

It concludes the list of the major user benefits of the Unicheck & Canvas Native Integration. There is also a bunch of technical perks that results into a seamless intuitive user experience for everyone involved. But that’s a whole other topic.

Canvas Copy Course Functionality – a Quick Overview

Step 1. Enter your Canvas account in Administrator mode and in General Settings install a Unicheck App.

Step 2. In “Courses” tab launch a new course with assignments.

Step 3. Now go to an existing course with assignments and submitted papers and open it.

Step 4. Press “Settings”, then “Copy this Course”



Step 5. Next, insert “Name” and “Course Code” (any), and “Create Course”


* A newly created course will not contain added students and papers that have been already submitted. This fresh course will also have default Unicheck Settings.


Step 6. To invite students to this brand-new course, click “People”, then “+People” and copy all necessary emails of students to the pop-up window.


Step 7. Check out settings for the newly generated assignment. Plagiarism Review field is set to default. Configure to your needs.

The bottom line

This tiny, yet significant improvement to the Unicheck’s functionality, is aimed at transforming Canvas user experience and helping them increase productivity by eliminating frustration from a daily routine. After all, EduTech is here to take away those repetitive activities from educators and let them focus on more meaningful and creative jobs.

Eugene Steponenko