Unicheck Updates: The New Website and Improved Dashboard

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Unicheck similarity checker is a community-driven product, and your feedback lies at the heart of its continual development. Our primary goal is to build an inclusive plagiarism detection solution for you that is packed with the latest technologies and at the same time is hassle-free. This pack of updates is the response to your most frequent requests. Go check them out!

Updated website

First things first! We’re happy to announce the launch of our new website. You can definitely notice its major facelift. We’ve made it more user-friendly and easier to navigate, examine a product, get help, or buy more pages for similarity checks.


Unicheck Dashboard: Crucial Changes

Simple API

API is now available to every user within the dashboard! Go to ‘My Account’ and click ‘API’ tab. There you’ll find the way to add your app as well as documentation to help with all technical details.


Personal Data Setting

According to GDPR, from now on every user has absolute control over their personal data and is able to erase every bit of it. You can also learn what information is being collected and withdraw your consent for personal data processing at any time.


Accelerated Performance

Due to the brand new engine, both the new website and dashboard got to operate much faster. From this moment on, all your interactions will run way smoother without any delays.


Enhanced Usability

A couple of tweaks to user experience made the dashboard navigation more intuitive and clear:

  • Click ‘+’ at the right bottom corner to add a new file for similarity checking



  • A sample document sits right in the Library and presents all perks of Unicheck report: navigating through the color mask and minimap, extensive management of similarities, citations, and references, etc.



  • A quick button ‘Buy More Pages’ will take you straight to the page selection slider – choose the number of pages needed, pay and go



  • New user menu covers all major settings going from handling personal data and system setup to changing your payment plan, checking tutorial, and leaving feedback


If you have any ideas or suggestions about how we could improve our new website or a product to better serve your needs, please feel free to contact us at hello@unicheck.com.

We are always open to your feedback!

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