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Join Us for an International EduTiclnnova Conference in Peru

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We’re happy to inform you that our business development director, Yulia Chut, will be joining the EduTiclnnova conference in Peru with her online speech about the effective ways of reducing the levels of academic dishonesty.

EduTiclnnova is an online conference dedicated to technological advances and progress across the Republic of Peru. This year, they will touch on the new topics, including education, scientific research, medicine, and law. The mission of congress is to foster academic success by bridging the competence of specialists from around Latin America, USA, and Europe.

Since education is the primary focus of EduTiclnnova, an entire day, November 15, will be devoted to this topic. Yulia will be giving her speech on this day within the scientific research block. She will be discussing the ways that technology allows for the managing and prevention of numerous plagiarism techniques. Unicheck’s new tools, Modifind and Emma, are aimed at detecting technical manipulations in text, as well as verifying student’s authorship of the paper. This should help educators move towards a personalized learning model by identifying pitfalls and challenges in the learning process and adjusting it accordingly for every student.


If you’re interested in all things tech and education, please join the EduTiclnnova conference, and let’s discuss everything in detail.


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