Unicheck Partners with Populi LMS to Support Academic Writing

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As March rolled in, Unicheck team was blessed with yet another great partnership. A cloud-based Populi LMS has connected to Unicheck, integrative plagiarism checker software designed for K-12 and Higher Ed institutions.

Populi LMS is a perfect tool for managing educational workflow cycle, spanning assignment collection, revision, and grading in smaller and medium-sized institutions.

Like any highly approved Learning Management System, Populi is committed to the high standards of academic integrity, advocating for ethical writing and following best revision practices. Connecting Unicheck as LMS plagiarism checker to the system has become the next logical step for the LMS.

Read on to find out just how Unicheck makes checking assignments in Populi easier and how your school can benefit from it.

How to Сheck Assignments in Populi LMS

Today Unicheck plagiarism API option allows to install the software almost to any known LMS in several easy steps.

In order to start using Unicheck LMS plagiarism checker, Populi LMS administrator has to configure the settings that will be available in the Unicheck account upon registration, after that set up Unicheck inside Populi LMS.  

As soon as the checker is set up, the teachers are free to use Unicheck as a part of a normal assignment revision process. For this, a teacher needs to have a newly created assignment.

“File”, “Essay”, “Peer Review”, and other assignment types that teachers create in Populi LMS will enable to check the papers automatically. Educators can select a visibility mode to make the report visible or not visible to students.

The automatic mode means that similarity report generation is triggered as soon as students attach their papers to the assignment. The reports will appear on the assignment page almost immediately.

To view the reports, educators should go to assignment page, click on a student’s name and select “View” to see the details of the similarity report.

There is also a possibility to perform a manual check for each student individually. For that teachers can use “Check for plagiarism” option.

Why Unicheck Is Great as Populi LMS Plagiarism Checker

As it is a common practice for educational institutions to check assignments for possible plagiarism issues, now the function will be finally available for schools and colleges working in Populi LMS.

The teachers will receive detailed Unicheck similarity reports that will clearly indicate sentences with citations, references, and similarities.

As practice shows, a one-dimensional approach to plagiarism in is the biggest problem that complicates understanding of plagiarism policies. What comes off as cheating may potentially be unknowingly incorporated source. When students regularly take notes, they may inadvertently transfer them to their papers. The source of a quote gets lost, forgotten or recalled as own idea.

Unicheck report can serve as a great tool for preventing such accidental or unintentional plagiarism.

With similarity score, educators can see the whole picture at a glance and will also be able to track each similarity case separately, which gives educators and students a better chance at tackling potential plagiarism issues in the class.

In conclusion

Plagiarism is a very delicate matter in every academic surrounding, be it a school, college or research institution. Every similarity issue has to be inspected in details as during the revision they can be wrongly interpreted.
Connecting Unicheck LMS plagiarism checker to the system, Populi LMS aptly resolves the obstacles of plagiarism issues tracking, as informative similarity reports will provide all necessary details for results interpretation, such as statistics, source links, lists os citations, references and more.

Eugene Steponenko