Free Printable Worksheets for Teachers

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Teacher’s work is highly demanding and requires thorough methodological preparation and logical structuring of every lesson. No doubt teachers do not have ample time for composing effective classes, it is vital to have materials at your fingertips to alleviate your work and be more inspired about your profession.


Yet, we should be grateful enough as our era of constantly improving digital technology that provides with various applications either to entertain like Snapchat, or check for plagiarism as Unicheck, allows to save time and make significant contribution to raising an independently, critically thinking generation. Below are the resources developed for you to help with routine work and print out for free that you may implement either in a usual learning environment or Google classroom.


TeacherPlanet is an enticing resource for teachers. It contains worksheets grouped according to different categories such as subject, where a teacher clicks on his/her major and opens a ready-made document. Another category is about worksheets downloaded every month. In case you are an active user of this resource and follow all its news, monthly worksheet are right for you. Here you will also find printable timelines and customizable student award certificates that you may create regarding student achievement or occasions. TeacherPlanet provides you with funny stuff too, like jokes, cartoons and brain boosts.

Teacher’s Pet

This resource is a wondrous way to entertain and help preschoolers to master subjects at school. Here you may find colorful printable worksheets that present information in a very simple way. The assisting manuals are categorized to different fields of a child’s environment. The suggested worksheets refer to the school subjects, as well as science, celebration and holidays, and social life of a child like relationships, safety, hygiene.

Super Teacher Worksheets

Another resource for taking pictures for preschoolers is Super Teacher Worksheet. Here are several categories, simple subjects for very young learners such as Math, Reading, Writing, some ideas on holidays and brain teasers. It is also possible to create your own worksheets that you need in order to meet your learners’ needs.


TeAchnology is a profound resource where you may find not only school subjects material that will come in handy, but modern overall development of every student like critical thinking, scientific, research skills, and social studies worksheets. This resource will be beneficial for you in case you need some help in preparation for classes, finding your subject relevant information, or even get some tips on parent communication or questioning techniques.

Printable Flashcards

A variety of pictures that will assist you in teaching you may find at Printable Flashcards. Here are many pictures classified according to their size (small and big) and activities you will perform with them (bingo game, or new words presentation). You may simply find pictures according to the part of speech or theme.


Available free printable resources for teachers will help them diversify lessons and make them bright and colorful. Also, they are a great way to implement ideas and thoughts so that every class could have specific needs satisfaction. So, if you want to simplify your routine and feel delighted, use free printable worksheets.