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Three Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills. Tips for Unconfident Students

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Writing skills are what every student should have for successful studying and good grades. The students should write their own original and unique texts that can be easily checked with a online plagiarism checker. It is a common situation when students can’t write texts in a proper way, although they can speak fluently on different topics. Actually, even perfect orators, can’t write their speech well.

Speaking about students, many of them have so much to say, but they just can’t express their thoughts logically. They can’t do it because of indecision, lack of experience or vocabulary. At the same time, it is important for college students to improve their writing skills and create wondrous essays.

The Most Common Strategies to Improve Students Writing

There are some strategies that can improve students writing significantly. The main idea of those techniques is to have some thoughts in mind, but not write them. Students are supposed to speak only,  but not write. So, here is a detailed description of how those techniques work.

  • Consequent writing. The first technique may be useful for you if you are a teacher. That’s because a teacher writes a text while a student is talking. Just tell your student to talk and write everything what the student is saying. This way of writing is strange but it actually allows students to become more confident and understand that writing shouldn’t be a way harder than speaking.
  • Audio record. This is obvious – students just record everything they say and then transcribe it. This is a great, fast and easy way to write an interesting essay.
  • Audio typing. This technique is almost the same as the previous one where a student talks and records their speech to transcribe it later. But this way is much easier because a student uses a special software to transcribe their speech into text.

The students should understand that writing mostly relates to speaking, but has nothing to do with paper and pen or computer. Writing is what a person would say in the same situation. But many people make a mistake while trying to jot everything down because they think of every word they would write instead of saying the entire sentence and then, write it down.

This happens because when people write a text word for word, they can’t keep on track of the main idea, and the structure of the text may change. That’s why, writing well without additional tools is easy – just say the entire sentence before writing it. And then you can move up to the next level when you say sentences in mind and then write them.