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The UK Open University: Make Your Career Dreams Come True

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Many people understand that getting higher education is very important for them. But not everybody can afford it or has a required qualification level and background. Regular colleges and universities don’t allow you to enter them, unless you finish school or have higher grades to be eligible for enrolment. What’s the way out?

What is Open University All About?

Open Universities are educational institutions where people are free to study without any acquiring formal qualification or going through a long admission process. So, if you want to enter a university, but your qualification doesn’t allow you to do it, the best way for you is Open University.

The Open University of the UK (the OU) was established in 1970 to make education open to a wider range of people. The University provides distance learning for students who don’t have required qualification. Following the UK example, other countries established such Universities too (they are located in the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey). Now millions of students are able to study thanks to these open educational institutions.

The term “Open University” itself means that it’s really open for everyone and there are no entry requirements. By the way, students don’t even need to show secondary school certificates  to be allowed to study there.

Is Studying in the Open University Effective?

Before you start searching for the University, you should take into account that universities offering distance learning and Open Universities are not really the same. Of course, Open Universities do offer distance learning, but not all distance universities are open for everyone. This is a significant difference. Many people confuse both these terms and associate Open University with the one, which provides only distance learning.

If your are going to be enrolled into an Open University, all what you need is to pay for your studying. No other diplomas or other documents certifying your qualification are necessary.

One of the most famous Open Universities is the OU in the UK. This is a distance learning and research University. It has 48-hectare campus with more than 250,000 students enrolled. It also has more than 5,000 instructors and uses up-to-date communication technologies to provide teaching and assess students. The OU also provides group tutorials, day and summer schools. Since it has been created, more than 1.8 million students graduated from it. The University provides education for postgraduate and undergraduate degrees as well as awards certificates and diplomas to those who have completed non-degree courses.

There are also some other Open Universities in Europe, North America and Australia. So, you always have a choice and you can find the best variant for obtaining a higher education. Willing to know more about the real value of the OU certificates or diplomas? Check website.