[Infographic] 17 Types of Teachers Everyone Knows

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All types of teachers and students are gradually flooding the school corridors at recess. If you aren’t watching this scene right now, then you might see it in your dreams or nightmares.

School and college time stays in our minds forever. These memories are created by teachers, too. The Unicheck plagiarism tracker classified teachers according to their personal traits, amount of homework they assign each day, tone of voice they pick for explanations and facial expressions they wore each day.

If you are a teacher, you might want to have a little peek into how students classify some teacher types. Accept the challenge, and you will definitely find yourself or someone you know in the infographic below!

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Despotic Teacher

This one doesn’t care what you think about anything. There’s only one point of view that is correct, and it’s the Despotic Teacher’s point of view. His behavior may vary from passive aggressive to bullying, and students just need to get through this terrible school period as best they can when they’re dealing with the Despotic Teacher.

Cool Teacher

This type of teacher can solve students’ problems, protect them from other types of teachers (such as the despotic and crazy ones), inspire kids to be more creative, diligent, enthusiastic, and throw a lifeline to them, showing how to find your vocation and what to do with your life. Ever the mentor and helper, this teacher can even become your friend after you leave your school. What’s not to like?

Hot Teacher

Here she comes – the one that all the boys love. Of course, the Hot Teacher can be either female or male, but the point is the same – they are extremely attractive. Who knows, maybe their appeal is the reason students attend classes regularly. Unfortunately, students miss the majority of what the Hot Teacher says during the class and can recollect practically nothing after the bell rings.

types of teachers_02

Apathetic Teacher

Sick and tired of the job and annoying to students, the Apathetic Teacher probably used to be rather cool and enthusiastic back in the days when the grass seemed greener. It’s not all that simple now. For some reason, this teacher doesn’t change jobs but keeps on hating the school, doomed to waking up every day and heading to the odious work.


This teacher is sure everything’s going to be fine if you stick to a vigorous plan of improvement, and is ready to infect students with enthusiasm despite the fact nobody cares. What you’re not supposed to do is skip classes and fool around. What you are supposed to do is join some clubs (chess, discussion, journalism, whatever) and take an active part in school life. When Activist Teachers were school kids, they probably accumulated a closet full of scout badges.

Crazy Teacher

Nobody knows for sure what to expect of Crazy Teachers. Their mood and attitude towards the job, students and education changes so quickly so it’s impossible to keep track of it all. They’ve got plenty of absurd theories and ideas, which are quite difficult to interpret. They’re absolutely spacy, and all your attempts to communicate with the Crazy Teacher feel like trying to communicate with aliens. You might as well call Mulder and Scully.

types of teachers_03

Cat Lady

The only creatures this lady adores are cats. Cats are good, students are bad. The Cat Lady universe is obviously cat-centered, and there’s no room for anybody else there. Sometimes The Cat Lady forgets she’s a teacher who’s supposed to collaborate with human beings and treats students as if they were her cats. There is a plus side: At least you know how to talk to her – you can always show her a cute cat video.

Scary Librarian

Though not actually a teacher, the Scary Librarian is an essential part of the school. The library is the abode of knowledge, and Cerberus guards the gates in the form of Scary Librarians. They’re the ones you don’t want to mess around with. They’ll do their utmost to keep order in the library, so be ready to follow the rules and shut up when they growl “Silence, please.”


This one recently graduated from the university and actually looks like a student too. He wears the same bomber jacket and watches Game of Thrones just like you do. He knows what troubles students experience and sympathizes with them since until recently he was in the same boat. He’s great to go with to the RHCP concert. He’s definitely a dude, not a tutor.

Drill Sergeant

Students are not recruits, but the Drill Sergeant never got that message. Students are supposed to follow orders and work hard. This teacher’s tactics include abuse through the primary weapon of yelling. Highly-disciplined (and perhaps a bit morally injured) students have seen it all, which is why it’s hard to surprise them with challenging tasks. Oh, and of course the Drill Sergeant did it all for the “good” of the students, right?

types of teachers_04


The Supercoach will make you go through a number of difficulties and challenges just like the Drill Sergeant, but the Supercoach actually shows you how to do it and motivates you so much that you’ll run the obstacle course with pleasure and enjoy it. The approach matters, right? As a rule, the Supercoach makes high demands of all the students, but sometimes singles out just one, who then must carry the burden of the coach’s great expectations.

Shy Teacher

Generally speaking, Shy Teachers may be rather good at what they do, and perhaps even have a calling for teaching. However, the main problem for Shy Teachers is their inability to show their talent, and therefore nobody can fully appreciate it. The Shy Teacher isn’t ready to take on challenges or overcome difficulties, it’s better to stay in a narrow comfort zone, or even be a victim. Their approach to discipline in the classroom leaves much to be desired.

Control Freak

“Law and order” is the life motto of Control Freaks, and students are the first to suffer from such an approach. Control Freaks won’t allow any interference into the study process, so don’t expect to have much freedom of expression in their classes. They know best what is right and what is wrong, and that’s that.

types of teachers_05

Hippy Teacher

Though good discipline is not their strong point, Hippie Teachers can be a great source of inspiration and admiration for younger generations. Their worldview is simple but striking (peace, love, happiness), and of course, every school needs a hero. Nevertheless, the Hippy Teacher sometimes turns out to be an ordinary or even indifferent person who is just stuck in the romantic 60s.

Highly Concerned Teacher

No matter what it is – politics, gender, education, or the environment, the Highly Concerned Teacher cares deeply about it all. It’s hard to ignore the concern since all discussions will eventually turn to whatever issues are considered of vital importance. Yes, we all should care, but not everyone needs to jump on the bandwagon.


Perhaps these teachers dreamt of being somewhere else besides school. Maybe they wanted to become rock stars or astronauts. But the stars just weren’t aligned properly and they ended up as schoolteachers, and now they’re bound to be hateful and mechanical in their teaching. They’re terrible teachers and have no one to blame but themselves.


He’s a real big cheese, and everybody knows it. He gained his fame by numerous publications and a great smile. Students worship this teacher, school administrators hold onto the Celeb tightly since his glory covers the school he’s working at too. The Celeb realizes his worth and uses all its benefits to the fullest possible extent.

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